Numis Network Fraud- The Reason Why You Should Ignore Fraud Claims

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Creation, collection and preservation of wealth is a common goal all over the world, a fact that that can be verified by the sustained expansion in the global economy. Network marketing is one of the currently favored ways of creating wealth. However, it has its level of flaws and controversies such as the Numis network scam. This however, does not mean that all concepts are fundamentally flawed.

The main reason why network marketing is very controversial is that MLM companies base their concepts on consumable goods such as lotions, wellness juices and diet pills among others. This means that joining the networks requires promotion to people searching for the best products in the market. Sadly, some of them do not live up to the promise.

This is why a network marketing concept based on non-consumables is unique. The main idea is providing leverage for people looking for ways to make money from home. This is done by promoting money presented in form of gold and silver. This means that the product solves the problem fully as there are no additional expectations attached.

The fact that materials making up the two products have a history of appreciation with time also strengthens the Numis network concept. The metals have also been regarded highly since historical times, a fact that continues to date. This means a person holding a 1997 Numismatic coin has approximately ten times more value than a person with a similar coin issued today.

How the system works

The Numis network is designed to provide specific tools for the members to support their sales effort. This is similar to any other field of work such as contractors or mechanics, which requires specialized tools. Joining the system allows one to have a personal Numis website, which includes representative enrollment, overview videos on the opportunity, credit card processing and a shopping cart. This makes it easy for the processing.

Unlike other marketing plans, the Numis network compensation plan is very unique. The new entrant is provided with upfront commission in form of coded bonuses. These are provided with unlimited depth and width. An additional hybrid binary residue is also provided. This is different from ordinary binaries, which only pay the weak, causing one to loose earnings to the corporation. This one pays at all levels, which helps the entrants make money upfront while allowing the leaders to gain compensation for their team building efforts.

The Numis network is home to thousands of network marketers. For the new entrant to beat the notion of a scam, it is important to use the tools provided wisely. This will secure success similar to that enjoyed by those who are already deep-rooted.

Many people join with the idea of just sending people to their simulated site. This is one of the main reasons why people do not realize their goals. This is because the method does not differentiate one from the other members making it hard to convince people to join you. It is therefore better to structure your entry in a unique way hence convince more prospective marketers to join you.

With all this information, it is clear that the idea of Numis network scam is ill advised. Joining this network presents many advantages to you as a marketer. This will help you make that extra cash that so many are searching for.

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