Emergency Lighting and Self-luminous Exit Signs—a Perfect Match!

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If you are looking into replacing your current emergency lighting system or starting a new construction, then you would do well to consider employing self-luminous exit signs as an integral part of that plan. These photoluminescent products are new to the industry, yet have already made quite a splash. Let's take a look at some of the many advantages that photoluminescent exit signs can offer in whatever scenario you may have.

These self-luminous exit signs are made using photoluminescent materials that capture and store available light for use when it is needed—truly a glow-in-the-dark proposition!  These exit signs consume no electricity, require no batteries, and are maintenance-free. On top of this, they have a life span of around 25 years, so you won't be having to deal with this again for some time.  If for some reason you need to move them (as may happen because of a remodel or change to your emergency egress plan), they are very simple to take down and remount in the desired location—no fussing with wiring or anything electrical.

When it comes time to dispose of these signs, you can simply toss them into the nearest metal recycling container; they are 100% recyclable!  There are no concerns about toxicity and radioactivity as there are with tritium exit signs. These obsolete exit signs are on the way out; in fact, there are no longer any tritium manufacturers in the US (and only one in North America) due to environmental concerns. The disposal of tritium is monitored by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the material is so toxic that it needs to disposed of by licensed hazardous material handlers.  It's very easy to see why photoluminescent exit signs have become the standard in this industry.

Perhaps the best reasons to consider self-luminous exit signs is that they will save energy, money, and are about the greenest solution for your emergency lighting needs available today.  In the average building with 100 lighted exit signs, replacing incandescent exit signs with photoluminescent exit signs can realize an annual savings of nearly $3,500.  Even better, the use of these lights will reduce the carbon footprint of the building. The use of photoluminescent exit signs reduces air pollution by almost a half a million pounds of CO2 compared to electrical signs over the life of the product.

The leader in this market are the Glo Brite® photoluminescent Eco Exit™ Signs. These exit signs and other emergency egress products are both economical and eco-friendly.  They are designed for either new construction or retrofits, and are absolutely reliable—they will light the way when they are needed, with no dead batteries or generator failures to worry about. These exit signs are failsafe and visible to 100 feet in dark or smoky conditions.

If it's time to replace your emergency lighting or you have a new construction, do the smart thing and give the Glo Brite® photoluminescent Eco Exit™ Signs a hard look. They are available from Jessop Manufacturing at GloBriteSystem.com.

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