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Immigration Law was established because many foreigners wanted to come to the United States to have a better life and they needed to have a standard of law. In the beginning of the countries history there was a open door policy towards immigrants and anybody could come to have a new life. But then in the late 1800's they started limiting certain groups from coming in and these were mainly savory characters looking for trouble. By the early 20's the Us had a quota system and this further produces Immigration Law.

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Many people that are in the Us need to have a Immigration Lawyer so that they can keep there green card status up to date. If you visa expires you can be asked to leave the country so it is important that you find an attorney that has the knowledge you need to help you stay in the country legally.

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If you are found to not have the proper documents to be in this country then you can be deported and sent back to the country of your birth. It is important that you understand how Immigration Law works so that you can obtain citizenship is you are looking to stay in the U.S.

Remember that it is important for you to be legal so that you do not get deported back to your country of birth. You need to understand the Immigration Law's of this country so you know what you need to do to gain citizenship. It is also a good idea for you to find a good Immigration Lawyer that has the experience you need to help you out. This type of law has been around for a long time and is basically to protect the citizens of this country.

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