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An anonymous web browser makes you anonymous online by hiding or changing your IP.  The truth is, it isn't the web browser that makes you anonymous, it is the proxy server that the web browser connects to that makes you anonymous.  You can setup any web browser to give you anonymity while web surfing as long as you have access to a proxy server.

Proxy servers make you anonymous by changing or hiding your IP.  IPs are what identify computers online and if you can change your IP to a different one, you have just made yourself anonymous.  Proxies work by acting as a middle computer that you use to connect to the internet with.  All your web browsing and downloading is done through the proxy server.  This means that the IP you use online isn't your own computer IP, it is the IP of the proxy.  This is how proxies make you anonymous.

If you connect your web browser to a proxy server and have the right login details, you will be anonymous online.  The problem is that there are a lot of different kinds of proxies.  The best proxy is an elite proxy.  They are the best because they provide the highest level of anonymity.  No-one knows you are even using a proxy server while you are surfing the internet with an elite proxy.  You can even get IPs from other countries if you really want to look like you live somewhere else.

To make your web browser an anonymous web browser, setup an elite proxy today and just connect your web browser to it.

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