A Fresh method for finding lucrative penny stocks listing in 2011

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Is it possible for people to really generate a considerable profit using Penny Stocks listing, even to the point of becoming a millionaire? Certainly there are some people who generate quite a bit of income with stocks and options, ordinary people who trade in their own time as a past time rather than as a professional investor. The cool thing is that even though they started on penny stock lists they ultimately moved on too potentially more lucrative stocks using larger amounts of cash once they felt they were more knowledgeable, and had more money to spend. Of course the dilemma then becomes how do you begin making money quickly inpenny stocks listings with the the bare minimum of risk?

Before werespond to that question, let us quickly define exactly what we all mean by penny stocks. There are various precise explanations, but in general the phrase describes inexpensive, extremely speculative stocks which typically sell well below a $1per share. They're quite volatile and may rise and fall hundreds of percentage points n minutes, at times perhaps up to 400%.This can obviously be dangerous, but can even be incredibly profitable if you know what you are doing.

Now that we know exactly what a penny stocks defined as, just how can we quickly work out what to trade and just when, to optimize our profits? Keep in mind, typically only after we have made a number of trades using small low risk sums are we able to even think about making the amount of trades we need to make a lot of money quickly. Typically investors simply have to put in the hours - and weeks and months and even years-to become skilled on the market. Only after trading frequently and analyzing the trends andfinal results over along period can an investor say he truly comprehends stock trading, and even then he will still suffer a loss on many trades.

Nevertheless there arenumerous techniques to help speed this process up.There are numerous "methods" available, to help you identify trends and lucrative opportunities as they materialize, but you will find huge issues with many of them. The main problem is just that any system still relies on analyzing the historical trends, and this takes time and effort. However, there might be a new solution.

James Connelly A.K.A the "Penny Stock Prophet", has developed a fresh new method to identify profitable penny stocks, "I became interested in the possibility of creating a strategy that utilized PSL to identify and predict human behavior and its influence on a winning stock," says Connelly. "I was certain if I could find a way to combine this with the 4 key variables I discovered, I could greatly outpace the overall market, and see rapid percentage gains in my portfolio." Connelly believed that PSL was the "missing link" to creating a strategy that would maximize profits and potential gains in the market. PSL is currently used by mathematicians to predict and determine how human behavior affects population growth, crime and even terrorism. It's called Psychometric Science, and its no longer science fiction.

If you are a courageous individual who likes making money and is willing to take very calculated and controlled risks to maximize your gains and minimize any losses, then the Penny Stock Prophet weekly penny stock alerts are exactly what you've been looking for. Sign up here to start receiving your weekly alerts.

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