Applying for a Fiancée visa or K-1 Visa

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Fiancée visa is useful for many people who want to marry their relatives living abroad. This visa category, known as K-1 visa, a visa issued at the double for the bride and citizens of States. Much of this visa category is that nearly 90% of cases in Category K-1 visa is approved. U.S. allows its citizens to marry a foreigner, and also gives preferences to immigrate to the United States. However, there are certain rules that the embassies of the United States follow before issuing a visa K-1.

Even if a visa has been approved for 90% of cases, but there are a lot of legality, which is involved in the application for approval of a visa K-1. Both candidates would have the legal age for marriage under the laws in force in their countries. Then there are also religious and ethnic grounds, which takes account of the authorities before issuing K-1. When the authorities are unsure of the laws, after the approval process with the rest. The application process for K-1 visa application calls for a foreign bride is a U.S. citizen by completing the Form I-29F. The lawyer is not required to deal with the petition to meet the fiancee visa requirements, however, to hire some lawyer to handle the paperwork and ensure the process.

Once the request has been completed, is sent to the embassy or consulate nearest the foreign bride. The Embassy will then notify the foreign bride that the request was received and also provides details on the frequency of medical examinations should be made by the panel of medical and interview appointment with the embassy staff. During the interview with a consular officer reviews the documents and are not sure what's in his mind. There are many areas that genuinely consular official visit to confirm the relationship between the couple.

Once all formalities have been completed and the officer is fully satisfied by the issuance of the visa is granted. The K-1 visa is valid for six months from the date of issue and once the United States can remain the bride up to 90 days before marrying.

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