Why content marketing is important?

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Every time I am at a digital marketing conference, people usually come up to me and ask Why content marketing is important and content marketing solutions.

“Why is content marketing so important to any business growth? I mean I am already paying loads of amount in traditional advertising. And in fact I have a good reputation among my customers, so is there any necessity for this content marketing?”

And I just have one answer to all those people who have similar question like this:

“YES!! Content marketing is the most important marketing strategy for your business nay its will be the bloodline for your business growth in the coming year and also foreseeable future”

And here is the most logical explanation as to why content is called the king of marketing.In present days around 75% of people go through the content and rank in search engines content plays a important role in todays digital marketing.

Back in those days when there was no internet or media in general, the only strategy any business had followed was to shout out that you exist through any traditional marketing medium and yes people would flock to your business to purchase. But, the scenarios have changed from neanderthals to swaggers of today (mental note, it’s a metaphor :P)

So, what I mean to say is advertising has seen many revolutions and the competition in today’s date is at its peak, as there are 1000’s of startups starting every day with every entrepreneur set out to make their own mark.

As content marketing helps you to generate leads for your business and cost saving for your business everything in today's marketing leaning on online marketing service and by content marketing you keep on building trust with your customer. As we all know content marketing is present and future marketing strategy of all the business.Well, we know content engage the customer to be present on all the platform as well as if your selling a product content pursues customer to buy the product indirectly it acts like an increasing lead machine.Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online and by the way all major giants like microsoft, google, facebook all use the content marketing as a strategy.

And what are the outcomes of all this competition:

1. Decreased pricing

2. Increased advertising budget

3. liquidating old business’s which did not cope up with the present marketing scenario.

And more…

But there was one thing that gave an opportunity to even a small start up to snatch the most potential client from its age-old business entities, that was helpful content.

Want to know how? Let me ask you a simple question, When you want to buy something, what is the 1st thing that you do?

I will assume u said research, which in true in most of the cases. At the time of your research if there are series of blogs or articles that will guide you step by step to your decision-making process and provide you with all the information required to make that specific purchase and at the end of all this tell you that they also sell the same product and they would love if you made the purchase with them.

Now that’s what differentiates you from your competition, personalisation and trust building which will be accomplished by content marketing to an optimum level.

So bottom line, don’t just exist for your customers, help them and grow on them and build a trust with your customers for a successful reign of your business and content marketing is your ride for this journey.

So, yes once again CONTENT MARKETING is very important to any business.

And now after going through this article if you are planning to start with content marketing, Kudos!

In the initial stage there will be few hurdles but, don’t you worry about that, there are 100s of blogs which will guide you and we are always here to help you set up your content marketing strategy.

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