Affidavit of Support for the Fiance Visa

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One of the other major requirements to process your Fiancé Visa application is that you have to show proof that you can support your wife.

INS Form I-864 Affidavit of Support is the form the INS requires to be filled out to demonstrate that you can support your fiancé when you bring her to America.

The US Government does not want to allow people to come to America and become a financial burden on society.

In the Affidavit of Support, you make a sworn statement that as the sponsor for your fiancé, you will be responsible for her support for a minimum of three years.

In addition, you will be responsible for any payments made by the government on your fiancé's behalf.

Supporting Documentation:

Your signature on the Affidavit of Support must be notarized. You must submit supporting documentation as evidence to substantiate your financial claims in the Affidavit of Support.

Also, you must attach two years tax returns along with a letter from your employer stating your position with the company, your annual income, and how long you have been employed with the company.

This letter from your employer has to be on company stationary and signed by an authorized company representative.

In addition, the INS wants to see a letter from your bank stating how long you have had a banking relationship with them, the average balance of your checking and savings accounts with them, and the amount of deposits and withdrawals going through the account on an annual basis.

This letter must be on bank stationary and signed by an officer of the bank.

You may also want to include copies of pay stubs, bank statements, and brokerage statements to support the claims made in the Affidavit of Support.

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