Do You Have Cancer? Here Are Early Warning Signs to Watch For

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Cancer is known all too well for being a lethal disease, so it’s no surprise everyone is afraid of it. To date, it’s considered to be a sneaky illness that seemingly stems out of nowhere. However, as more research is being conducted, more ties are being connected to various types of cancers. For one, we now know that your diet and lifestyle choices can greatly impact whether or not you get cancer. It’s exactly what the naturopathic doctors in Phoenix teach to their patients.

This is good news for anyone who is looking to actively prevent the onset of preventable cancers, like breast cancer, lung cancer and uterine cancer. If you have yet to go to alternative cancer treatment centers to learn how to change your diet and lifestyle, then now is the time to do so. Meanwhile, you can use the following information to see if you’re exhibiting any early warning signs of cancer.

What Are the Red Flags for Uterine Cancer

In 2016, there were over 60,000 American women diagnosed with this form of cancer. This is one of the most common cancers in women living in the U.S. Eighty-two percent of women with this form of cancer survive for five years, while 79 percent survive for 10 years.

Some of the signs you want to look out for include the following:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding, spotting or watery discharge
  • Pain when urinating (this could also mean a yeast infection or other bacterial infection)
  • Pelvic pain, such as discomfort during sexual intercourse

Common Signs of Gallbladder Cancer

Men and women are almost equally affected by gallbladder disease – in 2016, 5,270 men and 6,150 women were diagnosed with this disease. The survival rate for gallbladder cancer for five years is 50 percent. Like with most cancers, when caught early, it can be treated with surgery. You can obtain alternative cancer treatment from a naturopathic doctor in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are various warning signs associated with this illness, including:

  • Abdominal symptoms: This can be tricky because the symptoms normally mimic those of less serious conditions, which can prevent timely diagnosis. Symptoms include pain in the upper right abdomen, diarrhea, black tar-like stools and bloating.
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss: This is normally exhibited in the early stages of the cancer. Weight is lost rapidly without any real explanation. Nausea and appetite loss can also contribute to this.
  • Itchy yellow skin: Jaundice presents symptoms like yellow skin and eyes, which is caused by bile ducts being blocked by growing tumors. The build up can also lead to severe itching.

Tell-Tale Signs of Multiple Myeloma

This is a rarer form of cancer that was estimated to be diagnosed in 30,330 people in the U.S. in 2016 (12,430 women and 17,900 men). Out of that number, an estimated 12,650 were expected to pass away from the illness. The symptoms associated with multiple myeloma are different for everyone, so it’s important to consult with your physician about adjusting your treatment. 

These symptoms typically include:

These symptoms typically include:

  • A weakened immune system: This can make you more susceptible to infections, such as the common cold, which can turn into pneumonia if not treated quickly.
  • Impaired kidney function: Your kidneys can become damaged by the crowding of plasma cells inside your bone marrow. This can result to a decrease or increase in urination.
  • Immobility: This can be caused by the patients susceptibility to bone pain and fractures. Others may become restless and witness fatigue or extreme weakness.
  • Nausea: This includes stomach pain and vomiting. Some experience increased thirst each day.

Preventing and Treating Cancer

Most Americans feel the only options for cancer treatment is to go to conventional doctors that offer surgery, chemotherapy and other toxic drugs. Those who are looking for natural and safer options turn to naturopathic doctors in Phoenix for alternative cancer treatment.

There are various services offered at these centers, which include detoxing and diet and lifestyle changes. Eating a predominantly plant-based diet filled with fresh fruits and veggies is key. You can also obtain therapies like Ozone and vitamin therapy.

Fighting cancer can be a very scary experience, but it doesn’t have to be fatal. If you’re currently battling cancer, make sure to explore all of your options!

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