Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

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What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, while almost universally hated, are often very misunderstood. They do actually serve a purpose in your body, they are varicose veins that are located in the rectum area, and serve the functional purpose of separating blood vessels and rectal tissues. The problem occurs when these veins become inflamed. It can be very uncomfortable, and extremely difficult to live with. However, you do not need to live with hemorrhoids, or piles as some people call them. Rather than trying to live with them, or using harsh medications to deal with them, you can use essential oils.

How Can Essential Oils Help?

Essential oils can be very helpful in dealing with hemorrhoids, and overall bodily health. Essential oils can specifically deal with hemorrhoids by doing the following:

- Reducing swelling and shrinking the varicose veins to their normal size

- Provides pain relief to wounds and sore areas

- Helps heal bleeding wounds

Increases blood circulation which helps reduce inflammation

Essential oils are safe for use in and on your body, which makes their use safer for everyone, especially those who are sensitive to medications. There are many essential oils which can be used for hemorrhoids, but these are the most effective.

Cypress is popular because it is a very gentle oil that is commonly used with the elderly and babies. When dealing with hemorrhoids, cypress is able to contract the blood vessels back to their original size. It can also help reduce bleeding, if the wounds have reached that point. Bleeding wounds can be especially dangerous, leading to even more complex medical and health complications. In order to avoid this, cypress helps heal wounds and stop bleeding. Cypress is also used to warm up and ease muscles, so that the body can work to reduce inflammation.


Geranium helps deal with many of the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but most importantly it helps to directly heal wounds. Open wounds can cause many problems, because it can be difficult to keep them clean. By healing the wound faster, the damage is much less. It can also help stop the bleeding when wounds become ruptured. However, it can also deal with the pain of hemorrhoids, numbing the nerves. Finally, it targets inflammation, helping to keep the varicose veins their proper size. It can be used specifically with hemorrhoids that are more severe and painful, and have the risk of becoming infected.

Tea Tree

Similarly to geranium, tea tree can deal with some of the most dangerous aspects of hemorrhoids. For those whose wounds have begun to bleed, tea tree acts as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, to avoid any infection of complications which can cause damage. It helps ensure that hemorrhoids do not get any worse, or cause hospitalization. In addition to these first aid properties, tea tree essential oil can cool down the area, and help calm down inflammation. Beyond hemorrhoids, tea tree is known as the “first aid” oil, helping to safely clean and treat wounds, as well as heal wounds.


Perhaps one of the most well known essential oils, to new users and experienced users alike, is lavender. It has many uses, and can be used in almost every situation. It acts as a calming agent, calming inflammation and calming the nerves of the user. Thanks to this calming property is also works as an anti-inflammatory, stopping the major cause of the hemorrhoids in the first place. It can also balance your body, strengthening its functions and ensuring that the causes of the inflammation are dealt with quickly and effectively.


While this essential oil may be a mouthful, it can be one of the best to treat hemorrhoids. It helps to ease inflammation, getting rid of the cause of your hemorrhoids, and giving your body the chance to heal itself from the damage that the hemorrhoids have done to their body. When your hemorrhoids become wounds, they are susceptible to allergens, which can cause infections. Helichrysum acts as an antiallergenic, helping keep the wounds clear and clean. It can also help relieve the pain of hemorrhoids, which for some is all that they ask for. Finally, it promotes the growth of new cells, which helps heal the wounds incurred. If you are interested in this article, more about essential oils against Hemorrhoids, read here:

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