What Is Channeling?

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In general, channeling is considered as a method of getting in touch psychically with the dead via clairvoyance (clear sight) or clairaudience (clear hearing).

Of course, those who can channel will be called Physical Mediums or Psychics. The person's spirituality and beliefs will be one of the most important factors in nurturing and developing her Psychic power. Lots of the saints known to Christianity owned Psychic visions, and were totally good at sensing the presences of the deceased. Besides, communication in a mediumistic sense may also be comprised of the capability of hearing heavenly the voices, and then translating their messages to others.

How To Tell If You Are A Psychic Medium?

In some cases, knowing we are mediums is quite simple. The basic rule here is that we are able to see and hear the deceased! In the olden time, depending on our upbringing or our beliefs, we might take longer to understand why we could see the glowing figures, hear voices, or even perceive the shadow people. Maybe no one else in our family would accept for having these experiences, yet chances were someone in our family possessed the similar experiences and she/he was not truly comfortable with admitting it.

However, times have dramatically been changed, and the sacred readers are now more accepted than ever! As a result, don't be afraid to acknowledge what we see or hear, and try to enhance our power as much as possible! Even those who are in charge of our spiritual growth and spirituality are now coming to the idea that Psychic Mediums exist and are real.

How Should You Do To Prepare For Channeling?

Before preparing to channel, we are strongly advised to meditate – Yes, meditate on what we desire to achieve, on whoever needs our assistance, on what we need to know, and who we long to hear from.

After that, don't forget to pray. Prayer plays a crucial role in staying safe! We could gain the help of God, Saints, and the Angels. God always wants us to be more aware of the other side, to be in contact with the spirit! Thus, don't cut God out of the equation, or we may find ourselves in a challenging spot whenever a negative spirit decides to come through.

In short, we – humans – in the physical body can find it really hard to see everything that happens all at once. However, those in spirit may. Consequently, we might gain enlightened insights from the spirit world if taking the time and energy to ask. Keep in mind that channeling can also deepen our spirituality and bring us closer to our creator, especially when we are in the habit of meditating and praying to maintain our energy.

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