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Have you ever heard a hit song on the radio and thought that you could do a better job? Do you wish that you had the ability to make real high quality music? Then please take a few minutes to read this Dub Turbo review.

Dub Turbo is a program who will help anybody who wants to to create their own beats. It doesn't matter if you have never tried to mix your own beats before because the Dub Turbo software will guide you through the transition from been a novice to advanced beat maker with this easy to use software.

One of the most innovative features of Dub Turbo is the fact that other online beat makers use .mp3 samples which means you are using compressed sound files to create your own beats and then when you export your track after you have finished these programs compress them again as your master track so the final output is a third generation, very compressed beat track that isn't good for anything and certainly isn't industry standard.

The Dub Turbo programmers have taken the time to acquire, record and master all the samples used in the program so they are very clean and uncompressed.

The Dub Turbo interface is very clean and user friendly with a gradual learning curve. You can import any sound you want in to the program with ease and you can use your keyboard to bang out the beats and melodies so you are literally typing your beats out.

Other features of Dub Turbo include:

DT Sequencer - This is where you will be producing your track. This panel mimics the big DAW's and production tools the big music producers use so you will be able to easily transition in to other more advance and expensive software later on when you have some experience and want to take it to the next level.

From this sequencer panel you can easily draw in or trigger sounds using keyboard shortcuts. You can draw in your bars and drag and copy them. You can also record live to a metronome or draw, tap in your beats and finally you can export your sample track as a 44.1 studio quality wav file - the industry standard sound file format.

DUB Turbo Drum Machine Panel - In this panel every drum pad has a keyboard trigger set up already so you can hit your beats on the keyboard like an MPC.

There are 10 pads per kits and currently the software comes with 40+ kits plus you can import your own samples.

You can change the volume of each pad and move the sounds around with ease. Each drum sounds has been mastered so they are of a very high quality. You can also export just the drum track if you wish

4 Octave Sampling Keyboard - No need for Midi controllers because you can control these two octaves of four keyboards using your computers keyboard. This panel comes with pianos, saxes, stabs and bass plus you can import you own sounds. You can draw in melodies or play your own plus you can change your instrument selection on the fly with no loading time. You can edit the sound volume of each sample and move sounds around or erase them with one click.

Using Dub Turbo you can create any style of music including Hip Hop, House, Jungle and G-Funk.

If you have never tried to create your own beats before there is no need to worry because Dub Turbo comes with a full video training course so you can see exactly how to create your own killer beats step by step.

If you are new to music making or an intermediate beatmaker who is looking for a comprehensive tool that you can use right out of the box without the need to purchase any additional tools or software you owe to yourself to take a closer look at Dub Turbo. You could be banging out your own hit tunes before you know it.

Dub Turbo also comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

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