Shambhu "Sacred Love" CD Called "Stellar", "Magical", "Exquisite", "Perfection"

  • Jul 31, 2010
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"Sacred Love," the upcoming CD release by acclaimed guitarist and composer Shambhu, features gorgeous songs, profound performances and superior sound production that will leave listeners breathlessly satisfied.

This extraordinary debut by Shambhu features an all- star cast of musicians, including bassist Tony Levin, cellist Eugene Friesen, drummer Celso Alberti, saxist George Brooks, and flutist Ravichandra Kulur. The CD was co-produced by Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman and mixed by Corin Nelsen. It invites full-on listening and continually draws listeners in deeper and deeper, revealing one's own core.

"Sacred Love feels beautiful, wonderful, healing, uplifting and refreshing, all at the same time and there is something wonderful here for everyone," said Shambhu. "My collaboration with producer Will Ackerman, mixer/engineer Corin Nelsen and incredible artists like George Brooks, Tony Levin, Ravichandra Kulur, Eugene Friesen and Jeff Haynes, brought such diversity to my music, creating a really exciting-to-hear afro-latino-jazz-indian fusion. There are songs here that might make you feel like dancing, meditating, reflecting, singing, smiling and crying."

Common Ground Magazine music editor Lloyd Barde called "Sacred Love" 'A masterful, melodic and magical expression ...exquisite compositions played to perfection with guest appearances by some of today's finest musicians. This tuneful journey has left me spellbound."

Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman called Shambhu's "Sacred Love" CD "Stellar in all respects."

An accomplished guitarist and composer, Shambhu performs music of the heart, an exquisite fusion of acoustic, world and jazz styles that engender feelings of tranquility, harmony and fulfillment. Shambhu's technical mastery of the guitar enables delicate expressions of nuance and subtlety while engaging audiences in deep spirit. His music has been called 'magical,' a 'journey', and 'opening a space within'. Shambhu has performed with Carlos Santana, Narada Michael Walden, Premik Tubbs, and played on Whitney Houston's multi-platinum album, "Whitney." He studied meditation for three decades with the renowned mystic Sri Chinmoy.

"Sacred Love" by Shambhu is available September 1, 2010 at and at all major online retailers. On Acoustic Shine Records. Visit to hear Shambhu's music.


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