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English language has come a long way and has slowly become the lingua franca, i.e., the most common language spoken everywhere in the world for business purposes. It is now the most preferred language for all and is used as the universal language for communication in terms of trade and business, and etc. Therefore, in order to be part of this global communication, knowing to communicate and interact in proper and correct English that includes both speaking and writing skills is quite important, more so for men and women working in the corporate world. However, for these people employed in corporate organisations, knowing simple English will not suffice, they are expected to know proper Business English.

Business English refers to that form of English that is more formal, is crisp and to the point and is generally used for business interactions and meetings in all sectors and industries. However, there are industry specific business languages too, like for instance interaction in English in the fashion industry is different from that of a manufacturing industry or IT industry, etc.which have a slight variation from one another.

Corporate employees need to know Business English in order to communicate both within the company as well as outside it with other companies. Moreover, Business English training courses not only teaches and trains the nuances of interaction in English in a formal manner, but also their interactional skills with fellow employees in order to work in harmony and be more productive for the company. Therefore, in order to have command over the language and speak and write fluent English,as well as learn the techniques of behavioural management, there are many institutes and centers that have sprung up to train and teach these non-native English speakers. These institutes require well trained trainers and educators and hence demand for the trainers have become huge. The course can be undertaken by individual professionals as well as by corporate houses who wish to stay in the competition in the race to become the best.

Therefore, aspiring candidates who wish to teach Business English to corporate professionals can very well get employed in a job of their choice, as they receive a Business English training certificate after completing a professional course on it. The qualities that Business English teaching aspirants should possess are a graduation certificate, good English communication skills and the willingness to teach and deal with professional adults. Those candidates wholove interacting with adults and are ready to deal with the insecurities of these professionals, of course helping them do away with it as they enrol for the course, will find this course interesting and fruitful.

Business English courses train and educate the aspirants with the technical know-howsof teaching adults and the set of skills needed to handle them. Teaching adults the ways of interaction in a completely different language than their mother tongue is not an easy job at all. The course prepares the candidates with all the approaches and methodologies of teaching professional adults the technicalities of a language that they are not comfortable with. Additionally, it focuses also on the psychology of the learners so that the teachers are able to groom them on their behavioural skills, too. The course is not only designed for Business English training aspirants but as well as for those accomplished professionals who occupy significant positions in an organisation and are looking to brush up their English communication skills for organisational growth and personal grooming.

The course is usually designed for duration of 60 hours and is offered in online mode by most training institutes because the online mode has many of its advantages. It is much less expensive than the in-class training mode, saves a lot of time and energy of the candidates as they do not need to travel to any particular place to pursue the course. The program can be pursued from any corner of the globe; all that is required is an electronic device and an internet access. All the course materials are made accessible online to all the enrolled candidates who constantly receive assistance and guidance from the well trained and experienced tutors and the support staff on any queries/enquiries and doubts through email/chat or telephone. The course material also consists of videos and presentations which help the candidates in better and easy understanding of the course and its written materials. After going through the course materials, the candidates are needed to complete assignments which are then submitted online for the assessments by the tutors. Once, the candidates receive the certificate, after successfully completing it, they become eligible to be employed in all places on the Earth, especially in the Asian and African countries.

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