Paigham Bot -- The greatest new Software in ages -- or is it?

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Have you heard of a brand-new software called Paigham Bot? If you haven't and you do Internet marketing or sales you will. I was lucky enough to get one of 50 pre-launch copies and I fell in love immediately.

Paigham Bot is a new software designed to connect you with potential buyers of your product. It does this by searching websites for contact us forms and if wanted submitting to them. You input your keywords, throw some proxies in and let it run. It will search thousands upon thousands of websites looking for matches to your keywords.

When it finds matches, it stores the data for later use. It can store not only contact us forms but it will also and hold for you any e-mails, Linkedin, Facebook and other types of social media. You now have found a potential customer for whatever you are selling based on the keywords that you are looking for. It is fast and powerful and works like a charm.

After it is found matches for your keyword, you have the option of submitting to their contact us form. You can set up a whole form that can be sent back to the party that you found. As an example, if you have a new piece of software designed specifically for doctors, you can input your keywords and have it automatically submit to all of the doctor's offices that it has found.

Imagine being able to send out targeted offers to people who you are ready now are interested in your subject or offering. What would a program like this be worth to your business. It is a productivity enhancement tool that will send out targeted messages to your potential customers with ease. At the same time, you can build a list of Facebook pages or other social media pages that you can target in the future.

Paigham Bot is a revolutionary advance in Internet marketing. Check it out when the chance and see if I'm right. And had to be totally upfront I'm not even running a copy of it right now much as I would like to. This is simply what's called an unsolicited review. By someone who was a happy customer hopes to be one again in the future. If you have a need to sell on the Internet and need  a faster way to contact potential customers with your business offering, then this new software is the way to go. You will never regret ordering it once you see the extra business that brings it to you. Thanks for checking out my review of the brand-new software called Paigham Bot!

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