What Macro Photographs are

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I bet you are wondering what macro photographs are and what they have to do with you taking photos? Well if you want to know what they are I will tell you. They are photographs that you can take from far away but seem very close in fact really close that you can see the smallest detail of the object you are eying.

You know how superman, in the series or cartoons, sees through you all the way into how fast your heart is beating that is what macro photographs are all about getting close and personal. Basically, if am taking a photo of a bee that has landed on a pollen infested flower I will be able to catch the bee by itself on the flower and you will be able to see even the smallest detail on its wings while they flap.

Macro photographs are so cool that they make great wallpapers and screen savers for your PC, Mac or Laptop. To be able to get such photos you will need the right accessories which definitely include lenses or extension tubes that were used back in the day by the normal film cameras.

There isn’t any stress involved when taking this kind of photographs. You can do it from the comfort of your home and all you will need to do nowadays is press a button and your camera becomes an instant macros. However some cameras don’t have the ingenious of having this built in ability of becoming macros capable, these are the kind that use the add-on lenses which are also okay.

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