How to Get Pregnant: Most IMPORTANT Point to Understand about Getting Pregnant Fast

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If you have been trying to learn how to get pregnant without success or have not been able to carry a pregnancy to full term, you have to understand that it's a message from your body saying "I'm not ready for a healthy pregnancy yet. My natural balance has been disturbed".

Mother Nature does not want a pregnancy that will be harmful to yourself or your baby. If there is something wrong somewhere, the body will ‘reject' the request to get pregnant. So many things have to be in order for a healthy pregnancy to take place such as:

  • The woman has to be in the ‘fertile window' (5-6 day period) with a live ovum (egg) ready to accept a sperm
  • The man's sperms should be competent in travelling up the fallopian tubes and penetrating the thick wall of the ovum
  • The fallopian tube and the rest of the uterine body should be free of scars and blockages while providing sufficient mucus to facilitate sperm ‘swimming'
  • The ovaries should be optimally functional and produce a mature ovum at the right time
  • For all of above to co-ordinate properly, reproductive hormones regulating ovulation and the menstrual cycle should be in immaculate condition

How to get Pregnant with a Holistic approach

As you can see, getting pregnant is not about your ovaries, uterus, or the hypothalamus that produces reproductive hormones working properly; it's the coordinated activity of all of these components that result in a successful pregnancy.

This is why you need to think about a holistic approach of normalizing your whole body if you want to know how to get pregnant. The natural balance of the body has been disturbed and you need to re-establish this equilibrium if you want to learn how to get pregnant.

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Do you think hormones, Clomid or IVF can put everything back in order?

Even though these expensive procedures can make you pregnant, they don't necessarily fix the underlying problem. They just force a pregnancy on top of the existing ‘imbalance'. No wonder there are so many side effects and complications with these procedures (ovarian cancer, multiple pregnancies and brain damage in babies to mention a few).

It's like wearing a hearing aid for a hearing problem. Hearing aids will pick up and amplify sound, but they do not treat the actual condition.

Similarly, common infertility treatments such as hormonal treatment or IVF etc. simply ‘force' a pregnancy on a woman whose body is saying "My body is not ready for a healthy pregnancy. I want to first fix A, B and C before conceiving".

How to get pregnant – MOST IMPORTANT point to understand!

Hopefully, by now you understand the importance of listening to your body and taking the necessary measures to fix it instead of forcing a pregnancy on an unhealthy and unprepared body!

How do you re-establish the disturbed natural balance to get pregnant?

There is no magic to this. It's all about

  • Eating the right fertility foods
  • Avoiding foods that are harmful to your fertility - REALLY Important
  • Being aware of your fertile window
  • Timing and frequency of sex – if too often, sperms will be immature; if less often, sperms will be too old
  • Avoid certain drugs – some very common everyday medicines we take can dry up the cervical mucus and thereby interfere with transport of sperms and eggs

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By following these simple guidelines you can easily learn how to get pregnant even if you are over 40 years of age or have ovarian, uterine or hormonal problems. Once you start following these simple guidelines, it usually only takes about 2 months for a successful and healthy conception.

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