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We have the top 30 free foreclosure search places on

Most bank, government agencies, and auction sites will displays listing for free direct. This is the best way to search for foreclosures since its always up to date and most will even display homes before they go on the general real estate market. Paid sites are more organized but are lacking in time. Working with foreclosure myself for over 7 years now, I prefer to search direct.

I've got about 30 different resources I visit, and you can see them on my site. But now I'll share my top 5 favorite sites.

1) Fannie Mae - Fannie Mae is the largest holder of mortgage notes in America, this translated into a large values of foreclosures. Fannie has a special website available to anyone, last time I check they had over 100,000 foreclosure listing for sale. Plus they have financing offers like %3 down, fixer loans, and more. -

2) HUD REO - FHA insured loans that go in default are bought up and resold as foreclosures by HUD. Inventory is also pretty high, they mostly deal with homes on the lower price range, and had exclusive offers and discount of certain properties.

3) - AKA REDC. Redc is the larger real estate auctioneer in the states. There is couple other that come close but REDC takes the cake with pure value. They make it really easy to shop real estate auction homes.

4) CHASE REO - Chase is one of largest banks in American. They also just picked up WAMU REOs - wamu was a large mortgage provider and bank mostly in the coastal states.

5) Bank of America Foreclosures - B of A is the largest bank. After picking up Countrywide and of their bad real estate assets they are also holding of to lots of current foreclosures. Search direct -

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