Advantages of Internet Dating - Comparing Online Dating With Other Dating and Matchmaking Methods

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Granted, there are disadvantages to virtually anything in life; it is the ratio of advantages to disadvantages that matters. However, there are many advantages of internet dating especially when compared to other methods of dating and matchmaking. In this article we shall look at some of these advantages while comparing online dating with other common dating methods.

1. Numbers: Dating is, and has always been, a numbers game. Yes, even the most beautiful girl or most handsome boy in the club will usually not get a date on first strike. If they do it is usually luck more than anything else. One big advantage of internet dating is the big pool of available singles. You can get a huge list of prospects in minutes.

2. Is that man/woman available? Does he/she have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Many of us have had the "I have a boyfriend/girlfriend" experience when trying to talk to a girl/boy. This more often happens to the guys as they typically make the move. In internet dating, you can be sure that the person is available: that is why they are on the dating site in the first place.

3. Anonymity: In online dating you don't have to worry about in-the-face rejection. Compare this to getting turned down by a co-worker whom you will have to see every day.

4. Low cost: Okay, there are free dating sites out there, but you want to avoid these unless money is a serious issue. Why? Because the quality of singles you will meet in those sites will typically be low. Fee-based dating site cost is relatively low, and you can pick one that fits your budget. At least initially, you avoid the cost of concert, events, wining and dining that typically go with traditional dating.

5. You already know, to a reasonable degree, the person you will meet. Yes, some people do lie about their age and physical attributes in their personal profiles. But these are usually the same people who will lie to your face anyway. When you go to meet your online date for the first time, you already know what they look like, their interests and other important aspects. Compare this to the blind date where you know practically nothing about whom you are about to meet.

6. Safety: Yes, despite what you may have heard in the news, online dating is much safer than traditional dating. Yes, there is always an element of risk when meeting someone for the first time, but this risk exists in all methods of dating. The reason online dating is appears to be in the news more when things go wrong is because it gets reported more. You will typically find a headline like "Online Dating Violence on the Rise" but not "Bar Dating Violence on the Rise". With some common sense precautions online dating is safe, and fun.

7. Convenience: Another advantage of internet dating is that you can work around busy schedules and other similar dating challenges. Whether you are early bird or night hawk, internet dating sites are open 24/7 and are always busy. You get to make connections at your convenience, from home, office, library, local bookstore, park... you name it. All you need is access to a computer, laptop or even cell phone with internet connection.

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