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Are you thinking about getting in to direct selling? Are you already in direct selling and not sure if you are representing a great direct selling company?

Good direct sales companies are few and far between, so let us give you a list of qualities to look for when looking for good direct sales companies.

Good compensation plan - Of course this is number 1 on our list, if you aren't making a decent income off of each sale, then it is going to take a lot more work just to make a decent income. Think about it this way... if you make $1.00 off of each widget you sell for company A, and you make $5.00 off of each widget you sell for company B... you have to sell 5 widgets with company A just to make as much as you would if you sold 1 widget with company B. Also look at the compensation you get from your downline (people joined under you). This is very important because a successful team under you can provide a very lucrative income in itself.

Good quality product - This is important because you must believe in the product or service you sell. If you are a true believer, then you can pass that feeling on to your customer MUCH easier than if you don't really believe in the product or service. This is a very important key to success when dealing with direct sales companies.

Help from the top - Good direct selling companies are willing to help out their consultants and provide excellent service to them as well. Look for a direct sales company that offers help, low start up costs, and marketing ideas for it's consultants.

Good reputation - It doesn't matter how good the product or service is or if the price is the best in the market if the direct sales company has a bad reputation. You, the direct sales consultant, CANNOT overcome the bad reputation of a direct selling company. If the company has a bad reputation, it is time to move on to a different one. In fact, it is much better to represent a direct sales company with NO reputation than one with a BAD reputation.

Internet sales - A good direct selling company will provide a way for your customers to purchase from you on the internet. In today's market, you must have this technology to use. If your direct sales company does not have a way for customers to find you online and purchase services or products from you on the internet, you are losing a great amount of potential sales and income. This is important to your business.

Look for these five points in any direct selling company you are interested in and if they are missing one, move on. These are important keys to your success and with the number of direct selling companies in existance today you can find one that offers all five of these key points. Some companies will have two of these qualities, some will have three, but you need to be only concerned with the companies that offer all of these points because this depends on your success in the business.

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