Learn Seo with Seo contests like Seotons

Jan 09, 2011 • By • 67 Views

Seotons is a SEO contest launched in november and it finishes on the 1st February 2011. These kind of contests allows us to check and analyze which combinations of SEO technics are the most powerful.

At the moment, we clearly can say that Blogs in the seotons contest are quite important in order to build "satellite" websites, that are going to link towards our main website. I guess that we could say that 200 / 250 blogs is a good number. However, building blogs would be useless if they do not have any SEO power, so you actually do need to make them become important by building backlinks toward them too.

This is one of the most difficult and tricky part when you do not have the habit to build backlinks to many URLs at once, and it quickly becomes the most important part of the SEO technics : having a strong network of websites linking to your main website and being able to build many backlinks to several urls.

Of course, there are many softwares that makes building backlinks easier, but having softwares don't make it all, you actually need to learn how to use them the right way in order to build strong backlinks.

I think that in this seotons contest, everyone is trying to improve its combinaition of link building strategy. In this contest, we clearly can see that there are multi-levels of backlinks building, and to sum it up, the more levels of backlinks you have, the higher chances to win you get...

Anyway, the seotons contest is soon over, and we will be able to post the full Seo technics soon, so stay tuned.

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