Outsourcing SEO for Beginners

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Many people here that outsourcing tasks is the easiest and cheapest way to scale up their projects, but they have no idea how to get in touch with these outsourcing companies, or how to tell if someone reliable or just a scammer looking for a cash grab.

When it comes to just starting your venture into outsourcing, there are 2 major websites which I recommend due to their ease of use, and reliable protection from the websites administrators and moderators.

The first thing to understand when doing outsourcing, is that you will be paying the money upfront, and getting results delivered after the money has been paid.  You must always be sure to specify how the results will be measured, and ask for detailed reports of the work done as proof.

The biggest websites is Fiverr, where users pay $5.00 for a specific task to be completed for them. Very simple to use, and you can pay with Paypal for added protection.  This website has thousands of buyers and sellers and has been featured on CNN and Fox News. The only downside to Fiverr, is that $5.00 is the limit. There is no other amount which can be used for a transaction.

The other more hidden gem, is Microworkers.  They are much more geared towards SEO and Affiliate Marketing and Social Networking tasks, and you can specify any price you want. You pay per small task, and pay a small payment. Simple and effective.

So if you are looking to scale up a project or just looking to pay someone else to do your dirty work, check out both sites today. They can do any tasks from Link Building, Youtube Videos, Facebook Tasks, Twitter Friends.

And if you do find you are in way over your head with outsourcing on these 2 main websites, one of their great features is that you can pause and restart your campaigns at any time. Whether you are selling or buying, you can pause, delete and create new jobs every day if you want. You control the pace, which means you control the results and how much money you spend.

One great tactic is to only invest a few dollars at first, and then wait until your site makes that much money back before investing any more money into your project. The more you make, the more you can invest knowing that you aren't wasting money.

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