Self-Sealing Water Balloons: A New Summer Staple

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With summer coming to an end and school starting, kids (and parents) start to look back at their summers with wonder. The first thing that most kids think of when they hear summer are water balloons! However, the last thing their parents want to do is fill and tie those water balloons.       

All kids love the excitement, the chase, and of course soaking their parents. The only problem with water balloons is the prep time. It might take a parent an hour and many sore fingers to fill enough balloons for about 10 minutes of fun. Splash around, a Scotland based toy company, has set out to solves this dilemma. 

The company offers a product sure to help customers fully enjoy their next water balloon fight. Their Self-Sealing Water Balloons are for families with children. With the amount of time water balloons take to put together, parents shutter at the idea of spending all of that time, just to have the fun end after a few minutes. 

The idea for the balloons came from the hassle of preparing water balloons before a water fight. Typically, the preparation takes longer than the actual fun. That's why Splash Around is excited about this new product. Their goal is to get water balloon users off of the sidelines (filling balloons) and into the action sooner.

The balloons are not only self-sealing (which means no more sore fingers from tying balloons), but are also fast. On average, 100 water balloons can be filled in as little as 60 seconds, cutting prep time by nearly 90 percent. This product promises to be a fun, no hassle way to play on those warm afternoons still left to the summer.

The setup is so easy due to the fast, multiple filling nozzles attached to the balloons, along with the no tie feature. Users simply attach their water hose to the filler attachment provided; place them both in a bucket, and turn the water on. Once the balloons are filled properly, the water can be turned off and the hose is gently shaken to remove the balloons from the nozzle. That's it. The balloons are now ready.

All of the Self Sealing Water Balloons by Splash Around are made of high quality, biodegradable latex. This is because Splash Around believes the memories should last forever, not the used balloons. Each purchase is backed by a 100% money back guarantee and comes with free shipping to the USA by Splash Around. They are currently being sold on for $17.50. Each pack includes 3 bunches of 37 balloons and 3 water filler nozzle attachments. The balloons are available in a variety of colors, such as pink, orange, red, blue, purple, yellow, and green.

Customers are very happy with the product thus far. The company has received a steady 5 stars from Amazon customers since the release of the product. One customer wrote, "It's the first time I have used the product and I can say that I will be definitely buying again." Another customer states, "Splash Around water balloons filler worked perfectly for me, we had no balloons burst unwillingly, which was a concern of mine."

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