How to Keep Your Truck Mounted Machine Clean this Winter

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Taking care of your carpet cleaning equipment is essential for keeping it in good working order. This ensures your customers’ floors are cleaned properly and prevents you from wasting money on repairs. The longer you can keep your machines in working order, the better. However, weather, frequent use and poor maintenance can all play a role in killing your equipment.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are quite popular in the floor business because of its power. It’s ideal for use in commercial and residential buildings with only one story.

Most manufacturers provide manuals and videos to help you learn how to properly maintain your carpet cleaning equipment. It’s essential to pay attention to this. The first thing you’ll learn is that maintenance is key to longevity. This includes changing the filters, oil, topping the fluids and lubricating moving parts.

Whether you own one or a fleet of truck mount equipment, you need to ensure you and your workers know the ins and outs of keeping them maintained. Here is a quick guide to help you keep your truck mounted machine working throughout the winter.

Always Have a Toolkit On Hand

You never know when you’ll run into a problem with your truck mounted machine. Make sure you have your toolkit handy, just in case. This should include items like oil, screws, drivers and replacements. Certain parts may break on the job, so having replacements will look professional and ensure customer satisfaction. You can speak with a truck mount mechanic about common parts that fail, so you can order additional pieces.

Keep Your Machine Healthy

What you put into your truck mount equipment is very important for its health. It’s a lot like a human diet – put good stuff in and your body will last a longer time. The same goes for your carpet cleaning equipment.

It’s a good idea to use filtered water inside of your machine, to prevent your important parts from getting clogged with gunk. It will also keep your moving parts from getting rusty. The areas you’re protecting includes the screen, pump, heat exchanger, check valves, bypass valves and so on.

You can use a simple filter from GE or another brand that will remove 95 percent of microns. It’s also good to clean floors with filtered water, since less particles are passing through your machine and onto the carpet.

You’ll also find water softeners to be a great investment, especially if you work in an area with high mineral content. Even when you use water softeners, it’s still important to descale once or twice yearly. You can’t trust softeners to take out all minerals. Over time, the minerals that aren’t removed will build up. Your resin will need to be changed every three to five years, since the minerals will cause it to age.

Water softeners are also helpful in protecting your truck mount gear and it helps solutions to perform better. There are some carpet cleaning experts out there who are using reverse osmosis and deionized water systems. This provides professionals with more control over the water quality used. This is especially important when you’re working in areas far from the city where water quality may be very poor.

Clean Your Machine Properly

It’s easy for technicians to forget to clean their machines after a hard day’s work. But this doesn’t excuse you or your employees from doing what’s needed. It’s very important to keep your truck mounted properly cleaned, so that it continues to perform well. It’s a good habit to clean your machine at the end of the day, so that it’s ready for use the following day. Sometimes, a cycle begins where techs forget to clean equipment before going home, then continue use the next day without cleaning. Days and weeks can go by without a single cleaning.

There are many important parts in your equipment that requires special attention, including your air-cooled motor fans, hoses and wands. Dirty fans will cause clogs to build up, which will reduce air flow. In turn this will reduce the life of your engine, so don’t take cleaning lightly.

If you can learn to keep your carpet cleaning equipment maintained (and do it regularly), then you can reduce costs for replacements and repairs. 

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