Tweet Twain better than Tweet Adder & Tweet Attacks

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Tweet Twain is a social marketing tools like tweet adder and tweet attacks. But tweet adder and tweet attacks is price so high and work is not good because both of feature same and work also same. But Tweet Twain has more feature and so cheap to buy.

Now we are talking about of Tweet Twain. In tweet Twain option is here :

  • oAuth based authentication
  • Schedule tweets
  • Shorten Urls
  • View direct messages
  • Delete direct messages
  • Reply to direct messages
  • Send direct message
  • Send direct messages
  • Export tweets
  • Import tweets
  • Trend analysis chart
  • Account statistics chart
  • Multiple Twitter accounts
  • Feed monitoring
  • Brand monitoring
  • Search users and auto-follow
  • Search bio and auto-follow
  • Account based auto-follow
  • Un-follow non-followers
  • Location based search
  • Location based brand monitoring
  • Keyword based auto-reply
  • Keyword based auto-follow
  • Keyword based auto-re-tweet
  • Facebook profile page integration
  • Facebook fan page integration
  • Clear direct messages
  • Database integration

I think it is so many feature in Tweet Twain. You should try this software because is you want social marketing so this is the best software. And If you want treffic on your website you want hit your website so you need it.

I just tell you some feature who is important


An iteresting feature to make your Twitter account active without any manual effort! Set auto-reply message for keywords and forget it, TweetTwain will regularly monitor public timeline for the keywords and posts auto-reply if any one refers the keyword. So you can easily auto reply....

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is most important to search profile.Keyword targeted is an unavoidable marketing strategy for any business. Find suitable keywords for your business and feed it to TweetTwain, TweetTwain will take care of the rest.

OAuth based authentication

Secure OAuth based authentication for both Twitter & Facebook. No need to worry on the security of the user id/passwords of your accounts. I think this is good of twitter and facebook..

Unlimited Follow Un-follow

No limit to follow/un-follow using TweetTwain other than the restrictions put by Twitter. But making too many  follow/un-follow request may result in lifetime ban of your account by Twitter. We have in-built solutions to prevent your account from being banned such as search limit, follow/un-follow delay etc. Make sure you set these values based on your usage. I think is good also feature thats mean you can unlimited follow and unfollow. All feature is good.

Tweet Twain is the best of social marketing tools. If you want to more info about TweetTwain so you should CLICK HERE

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