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Hello World,

I was using Tweet adder and who is the best software. Tweet Adder works autopilot which is the best the work will easy.So I will give my Tweet adder for free because I cracked the Tweet Adder and It is working nice.I gave my friends for testing and it works for my friends.

You know Tweet adder what all work? Now I will tell you that Tweet adder work..

Steps for Tweet Adder:

1. Open Tweet Adder and import accounts your going to use.

2. Scrape some proxies for your accounts (you can ask your friend if he/she could scrape
some with scrapebox ).

3. When you have selected proxies for your accounts, open follow/unfollow tab.

4. Load accounts -> follow search results and set keywords for your accounts in parameters
and save it.

5. Run the module each day with CAUTION! limit your followings under the following limit
per day.

6. Do part 5 for a week, now you should have good ammount of followers. (If you have 10
accounts and each has 500 followers, you will have sum of 5000 followers which is very good,

7. Never follow the same person twice.Special BlackList to block following to specific people.Auto Follow Twitter Users – Fully Control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, Max # of follows per day

more accounts the better!)

So you will know that what is tweet adder? Tweet Adder cost is $188 for Unlimited profile.Now It's free for you because I cracked the Tweet Adder.You just the bypass survey and you get free.

Thank you for read my Articles best of luck


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