Colon Cleanse: The Single Most Dangerous Threat To Your Colon

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Why, suddenly, has colon cleansing (detoxification) become so necessary? Many argue that our grandparents did not use colon cleansers and they survived pretty well.

The answer is simple: times have changed. Our eating habits have changed and our dietary intake has altered radically since the old days. Our grandparents, like their parents before them, lived on a healthy high-fiber diet of whole foods such as fresh garden vegetables and plenty of unprocessed fruit.

Our food intake in today's rushed, modern world is very different. Nowadays there is precious little natural fiber in the daily diet that we consume - and a high-fiber diet is essential if you want to keep your colon functioning efficiently.

About 90 percent of the foods that we consume on a daily basis is processed or refined in some way. These refined foods keep depositing toxic waste in our body. The foods (including sugar and flour) make us extremely susceptible to serious intestinal problems.

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Over six thousand chemicals are used to process foods

That's a rather frightening statistic, but it happens to be true. The food that we eat every day is refined; genetically engineered, preserved; colored - and treated with a mixture of insecticides, chemicals, and hormones. That means that not only do we eat very little roughage to encourage healthy intestinal function, but the constant chemicals, preservatives and colorants that we consume also have a devastating effect on the digestive tract. That's why everyone should take regular colon cleansing extremely seriously.

Toxic poisons

What happens when the colon becomes sluggish or constipated? This results in toxic poison building up as the result of multiplying bacteria when foodstuffs travel too slowly through the intestines during the evacuation process. These toxins then enter the bloodstream via the colon. That's why chronic constipation poses such a dangerous health risk.

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So, in closing, what is the single most dangerous threat to your colon? As we've seen, the answer is, of course, your diet. Depending on your daily food intake, your low-fiber, high processed, refined and chemically laced food intake is a serious health risk. In today's modern world, we are actually poisoning ourselves little by little, each and every day. So make a point of checking your food labels to see what chemicals and preservatives they contain. And start introducing more fiber into your diet. Eat as much fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods as you possibly can.  As an added health precaution, prevent toxic buildup by cleansing your colon on a regular basis.

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