The African Mango Scam - Is It Really A Scam?

Mar 07, 2011 • By • 236 Views

The simple answer to that question is no, African Mango itself is certainly not a scam. The product in its extract form has worked for millions and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who's tried it and and disagrees. Is it possible that there is an African Mango scam? Of course! Remember the Acai Berry craze? There were hundreds of advertisers trying to scam people out of their hard earned money. Why would it be any different with African Mango extract? The fact is, anytime there is a product worth advertising, there is going to be advertisers trying to take advantage of consumers by riding on the coattails of the legitimate businesses' advertising, and then taking the consumers' money without their known consent. Of course it will be in the fine print that they are going to charge your card, but who reads the fine print?

Here's how it works: the shady advertiser initiates the African Mango scam by creating an ad that touts something like "African Mango Extract is taking the world by storm! Get your free bottle before we run out!" The innocent and unknowing consumer who just wants to shed a few pounds with this new wonder product decides to give the free trial a shot. Of course upon signing up for their "free" trial, they are asked to put in their credit card information for identification purposes or some other ridiculous excuse. Then they click submit and a few days later their "free" bottle of African Mango Extract shows up at their door. After another couple days they are alarmed to see an $80 charge from the company whom they bought their "free" trial from. The twitter pated consumer calls the fraudulent company to find out why they were charged. The company says "well didn't you see the part where we told you that if you did not write us saying that you don't like our product within 2 days that we would charge you for this month's supply and next month's?" Of course the customer didn't see that part or they wouldn't have purchased it in the first place! This poor consumer has just been duped by an African Mango Scam.

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