Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou to build China's leather capital

  • Apr 30, 2010
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  Shiling Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Town, in leather leather production and trade enterprises with more than 5,000; leather industry, annual production value of more than 100 billion yuan; a daily production of leather products over 1 million, annual production of 400 million, accounting for the country's 1 / 3; leather products daily trading volume of 1 million yuan; Shiling leather goods are sold in 25 provinces (urban) and Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other places, the market share of 60% in Guangdong, China 35% of the European middle and low market, 50%. Shiling - This old town has become a veritable "China's leather capital."

  Shiling Town, Huadu District, meaning the village, the late 70s of last century is still very bleak. A farmer here in Guangzhou educated youth, and occasionally will get its own processing, leather handbags near the train station to sell, did not expect that popular, so he worked as a despotic leather handbags individuals. This will lead to neighboring villagers followed suit, leather processing industry in the local greater and greater influence.

Yee Shan villagers, represented by the first batch of leather on men's mobile business, street to street, access to the lucrative market, and quickly pushed the Shiling the growth of leather industry. To 80 years, Shiling leather processing have been basically good-bye earlier model of the family workshop, a number of raw and auxiliary materials, spare parts industry is also gradually follow-up to form a "front shop, factory," a street of leather and leather products. To the mid-to late 90s, Shiling engaged in leather leather production and operation of the business has reached more than 2,000, leather goods and even the whole town has become a leading industry in Huadu District.

In 2000, the local government strongly promoted the Shiling (international) leather leather city leather leather industrial park construction, to take on industry consolidation push hands; Then, since 2001 to host one-year term of the China (Shiling) Leather leather sections, in order to build Shiling leather goods to the world trade, technical cooperation and personnel exchange platform.

  "Shiling leather leather festival year after year has progressed, not only in the output growth rate in sales, but also reflected in that we have our own brand, the brand more and more reflected in our products, quality, grade , styles constantly improve, and gradually formed a relatively complete industrial chain, Shiling leather leather in the country's leadership is not in doubt! "

  At present, Shiling has brought together a group of well-known brand, the next few years will focus on supporting Shiling qualified local enterprises bigger and stronger. Had been selected for the development potential of more than 100 large and powerful strength of the business, led by the town directly to help solve enterprises in creating brands, bigger and stronger and the problem areas such as technological innovation, and actively guide the strength of the private sector more emphasis on new technologies, The new brand development, application and innovation, take scientific and technological innovation path of development; also set up special funds to create the brand, positive brand for the enterprise to provide a good financing environment.
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