How to Do a 1st Birthday Party

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When your child turns one year’s old, it is always necessary for you to celebrate his or her birthday to commemorate his or her first birthday. Though the child might not have a clue what the birthday party is all about it is good for the child to get to experience a birthday. The 1st birthday party is usually better if it is a theme party because usually the birthday is frequented by other kids and their parents. Theme parties usually are the best for kids because they get to dress up as their favorite superhero or villain if they want and all you have to do is provide the clown and or magic man to thrill the kids.

You can also host games like hidden treasure where you hide goodies all over the place and kids get to go around and search for them. Kids on the 1st birthday party must be entertained otherwise you won’t like it if they decide to go all crazy because they are quite a distraction. For a girl’s 1st birthday party you will probably have to get a pony which the kids can ride around. Make sure the food is simple and fun nothing to serious. You can serve mini pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, fried chicken pieces, salads, bread rolls and lots of nice tasty cakes, sweets and drinks as well as some junk food like some chips and popcorn may suffice. You will have to hang balloons all over the place as well as fully decorate the house and the yard.

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