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Remember when those little portable TVs were introduced into the marketplace. That was quite a long time ago and to think how happy we were to only be able to access a few channels, but hey, we weren't stuck at home anymore. We felt the same way when portable DVD players came out as well. Finally, a way to watch a movie wherever you go. However, with the ever-increasing technology available today, we aren't restricted to what we can pick up with an antenna or what DVDs we bring along. No, today we have the option to watch Internet TV from just about anywhere.

Think of the various places you go on a regular basis that has free Wi-Fi. Coffee shops, fast food restaurants and even some downtown areas of cities offer free public Wi-Fi. You sign on and before you know it you are surfing the web and answering emails. If you have a Blackberry or other Pocket PC, you can access the Internet through your cell phone service quickly and easily and it's pretty darn fast too. Did you know that with free Wi-Fi and even a phone that also works as a modem you have the ability to watch Internet TV wherever you go?

It's amazing to think that with a piece of software and an Internet connection on your computer you can watch Internet TV from just about anywhere in the world. You could be sitting at McDonalds or in the airport and you can watch Internet TV while you wait for your next flight or have a bite to eat. No matter where you go you are able to watch Internet TV.

So how does Internet TV work? It's simple. All you need is a PC, an Internet connection and SoftwarePCPro. Download the software onto your computer and you can begin watch Internet TV within minutes. With SoftwarePCPro, you can access primetime television, national and international news, music videos, home shopping channels and much more. You're not limited to what is in your immediate vicinity as well. You have access to television programming from all around the world, 78 countries in fact. When you watch Internet TV, you have the option to choose from 6,000 different channels and they are all easily searchable by country, language or genre.

So, the next time you think about the latest technologies, think about how you can watch internet TV and how far we have come from those little hand held black and white television to your PC becoming your own personal TV wherever you go.

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