Satellite Direct Review – a new internet invention or a new internet scam?

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Last week i received an e-mail from one of my friends, who can be called a complete electronics geek. He is the one who first introduced the internet to me years ago, he is the one who taught me how to google and my first e-mail friend request of facebook was of course from him. Anyway, this new mail was about a software, called SatelliteDirect which turns your mac to a satellite tv receiver with over 3500 channels instantly. It seemed a little bit unbelievable, but since it was referred by a computer nerd, i decided to give it a go. Also, a moneyback guarantee was promised, that is another reason why i was so convinced. After all, if i don't like it and if they don't pay my Money back, it was just 50 dollars, which is a really too low price for such a miracle software.

I made the payment and downloaded the software in a few seconds, yes, i have a fiber connection of 100mbits, lucky me. Anyway, it took me a few minutes to learn the software, really easy by the way, then i started surfing through channels. I found a soccer game, which i stil believe is a silly game, watched it for a hal time and no, stil i don't understand what the English people find in this game. So i moved on, found a documentary about hippos, watched it for a few minutes, learned the hippos are not as cute as they seem, in fact they are really dangerous. Did you know that hippos kill more humans than sharks every year? Well, i know now, thanks to SatelliteDirect.

I kept surfing for a while, but after about cheking more than 200 channels, i had to believe that it is real. And it has a one time fee, so i don't have to pay anything more next month or even fort he rest of my life, which is a great way of saving Money instead of spending it on cable.

I also noticed that SatelliteDirect has a pc version, so i suggested it to my cousin, who is a real pc guy, with online games, Windows, etc. He was planning to get a Windows media center edition, but Satellite Direct was cheaper and in fact much more effective for his needs, and even lowered his monthly costs by cancelling his cable subscription.

And yesterday we signed up for another membership for my sister, who works as a financial advisor for European companies who have branches in America. She was always complaning about not being able to watch European News channels. Now she has Access to tens of News Channels with Satellite Direct and she is watching them to be aware of what's going on in Europe, also middle east.

Briefly, SatelliteDirect has conquered our family in a week with its nice and high quality services and low price. I am sure there are many people out there who has needs about satellite tv, so i just wanted to thank these SatelliteDirect guys in front of all of you. Try it for yourself, you definitely won't regret it.

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