Timeshare Presentations - How To Survive Them

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Timeshare presentations are not bread and butter sessions; they can be harrowing like nothing you have ever witnessed in life. The horrible part of it is seating through the presentations - Phew! Wish you never attend one. It's worse in comparison to buying a second hand automobile from a car dealer; timeshare presentations are traumatic because of the cash at stake. For those who have never attended one, timeshare presentations is nothing more that sales pitch set-up by the timeshare company to compel people to purchase their timeshares.

It all starts with an innocent invitation that offers you a costly gift in return to attending the presentation. This makes you attend the presentation fearing no harm and also expecting a freebie in return, you only realize later that you have done one big mistake in your life when you are made to seat through the excruciating presentation. You also discover that the free gift offer was only a trick to make you attend as you are put through total pressure selling techniques. The presentation will normally take ninety minutes and could even go to the excess at some point, when the organizers feel that their goal has not been achieved.

When the presentation ends, the sales representatives will surround you and inquire whether you have any questions to ask. They will pressure you excessively to either commit yourself or sign some paper before departing from the presentation venue. When you prove a hard nut to crack, the timeshare company manager will approach you with an irresistible deal. Sometimes the deal could become so hard to resist. That means you have to go mentally ready to stick to your no and nothing else whatever the trick used. Make it clear to them that you already have spent your quality time and you can aren't ready to waste any more. You can as well feign an excuse like you have an urgent and important appointment somewhere and you need to leave urgently. REMEMBER to ask for your promised gift before departing.

The managers and their canny sales team will in most cases witnessed try their level best to secure your signature by offering you a number of well designed offers, stick to your no and make it sound loud to your mind so that you don't succumb to their trap. Reinforce your resolution and don't waver. State clearly and politely that you are not going to purchase the timeshare however enticing. You should also tell them that you need time to make up your mind and ask for their contacts so that you can later notify them of your decision. Make it clear that you will not entertain any courtesy calls and or e-mails.

Another good defense you can use is to tell them you have friends or close family members that own timeshares in those locations and you don't have to purchase a timeshare. You can also put them off by telling them that your reason for coming to the presentation was because of the free gift or that you just wanted to learn more about timeshares and it may be too early for you to make a decision to purchase a timeshares. You could also say that you are not a regular holiday maker and would therefore vacation each year without necessarily going to the same location annually in your vocation lifetime.

You can never run short of excuses to get yourself an easy escape, you can tell them that your current financial position is not favorable for that kind of investment or in the near future. Your mental preparation is therefore very important towards surviving a timeshare presentation. So, if you receive one of those free gift offers, you know better what is coming your way.

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