The Pro Flight Simulator that Really Puts You into the Pilot's Seat - An Enthusiast's Review

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As someone who loves flying and traveling around the world, I just can't get enough of the realistic and exciting flight simulators. Many of them are "based" on the real world, but the presence of major monuments and the image of typical cities aren't the real thing. After searching for quite a long time to find a great program that actually feels like flying a real plane, but also has the presence of the real world, I stumbled upon the Pro Flight Simulator that made me leave all of the other programs and focus solely on my newfound passion.

There are a lot of flight simulators out there today, but from my personal experience of trying many of them, none have come close to the Pro Flight Simulator. You can literally control every aspect of the plane, fly in different views, practice taking off and landing, and even fly over the Eiffel Tower. There are no limits to where you can go or what you can do and that provides an awesome experience.

I've always wanted to be a pilot since I was young, but unfortunately my life didn't lead that way, but my passion still stands. I just love the feeling of actually controlling a plane and that is what this program allowed me to do. It's just as close to the real thing as I can get and it makes me really feel like I'm flying everytime I start it up. Everything is realistic from outside the plane to all the knobs and switches inside the cockpit.

The software has hundreds of different planes and helicopters so every time I start it up I'm in for a different experience. The graphics of the program aren't great, but they are the best in the flight simulator industry right now. Among the graphics being my only complaint, I only have good things to say about the Pro Flight Simulator software and how excited I've become over flying again.

After playing it for so long, I've gotten other people around me to start using it and even their kids are saying they want to be pilots. It's a very cool program that I haven't seen before, especially with all the unique features and bonuses that come with the software.

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