8 things that every E-Commerce site must have

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E-commerce sites give you, the business owner, a plenty of opportunities to reach out to your customers. However, that can be only possible if these sites are properly maintained and have rich features. In order to reap benefits from your e-commerce site, you need to understand what today's customers exactly want and design solutions accordingly. Here are some must-have features of an e-commerce portal.

Search Box

A well-positioned search box allows visitors to reach to the products they are looking for quickly. What they have to do is type the name of the product they want and they will be directed to the concerned category. This makes online shopping easy.

Top selling products

In order to create urge for shopping among your visitors, you should display featured products on the home page or on the side columns. This is to inform your visitors about the top selling products and sales offers.

Display of related product

This is basically a selling feature that will show your visitors other products related to the product they are currently viewing. The related products will be shown with a heading, Customer also brought. This is a tactic to encourage visitors to purchase more than one item.

Newsletter Subscription

Ask your customers to subscribe newsletter to stay up to date with your offers and promotions. This feature allows you to build customer relationships with your customers that will help you create marketing campaigns.

A Rollover Image Effect (Hover Effects)

Your visitors want to view the products they want to buy closely. In order to provide them with minute details of your product, you need to add hover effects to your website. Having a good zoom feature for your product will let your customer get minute details. You can ask your custom web design solution company to add this feature to your site.


You need to have clear categories on your website to list the product-line. For example, all products that are related to men—clothing, wallets, shoes and accessories—must be sorted under the dedicated category. Likewise, there must be particular categories for other products such as kitchen appliances, electronics and home furnishing. This makes site navigation easier for your visitors.

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is an extremely important feature that no E-commerce website should lack on. A website having streamlined navigation let customers to the category or product they are looking quickly.

Secure Payment Gateway

It is very important for you to provide your customers with secured payment gateways for using their credit and debit cards. A protected gateway not only gives customers peace of mind but also makes you earn their trust.

Good Graphics

Make sure that you use premium graphics and images to grab your customer's attention. Inferior graphics and images on a site can put off your visitors and can increase its bounce rate.

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