Best Way To Lose Weight Fast And Safely

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It can be difficult to come up with your best way to lose weight fast, as everyone has in a slightly different position. However some general changes will dramatically improve this situation. Start your day with a glass full of water, especially cool water as it uses more calories to reheat it to body temperature. You should drink a glass of water before every meal as it can help to prevent you feeling quite as hungry during each meal.

If you take more time to eat your meal, maybe by sipping a cool water with it, your body has more time to digest the meal and you will feel full up sooner than if you eat as fast as possible. You should try and stay away from sweetened fizzy drinks as the sugar in them has extra calories that you need to avoid. In fact most sweet foods generally mean more calories and should be avoided, if you can replace them with tomatoes or other foods that are mostly water then this is a good idea.

To lose a pound of fat the general rule is you have to burn 3500 calories above what you are already using. Obviously you don't expect to burn this many extra calories per day, this is just a helpful figure to remember. Cutting calories out of your diet goes towards this figure but then you will need to engage in some activity to lose more calories. In fact if you cut too many calories out of your diet it's possible that you can lose weight by lost muscle tissue which will further stunt your ability to lose more weight.

In order to lose weight it's a very good idea to keep a track of your calorie intake, this will hold you accountable and allow you to see any mistakes you make. If you don't have a list of your calorie intake you can eat foods and literally forget about them, but your body won't be able to forget and it will hinder your ability to lose weight. If you can lose around two hundred to three hundred calories in a day then you will be on the right track. Then, similar to other difficult tasks such as quitting smoking, you need the willpower to keep up with it even if it at time it seems you're not losing as much weight as you like. I like to remember that if you keep doing a small task for a long time eventually you have completed what seems like a very big task. If I was to write a paragraph of just over 150 words every day by next year I'd have a complete novel.

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