Is a Posture Support Chair Worth It?

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As more and more people get used to their sedentary lifestyles, posture correction continues to become a major issue for people whose everyday lives involve staring at a computer or scrolling through their phones for long hours.

Every year, posture support chairs continue to flood the market. All of which aim to ease the pressure put on the back as people sit on their office desk or study table.

But should you give in to the increasing pressure of purchasing a posture support chair? Is purchasing a posture support chair a good investment in the first place?


A good office chair is never cheap. Ordinary office chairs typically range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. They come without guarantee that the lucky employee to sit on the chair will enjoy sitting on it for long hours.

Similarly, posture support chairs also cost much. A good Posture Perfect chair, for example, costs around £290.00–£399.99, but with more assurance that the person to sit on it can settle in comfortably and with a stable back and posture.

Support for Injuries

If you’re suffering from some kind of injury on your neck or somewhere in your upper or lower back, you know how much of a struggle it is to find a comfortable sitting position, where you can sit comfortably and not aggravate the injury. 

Posture support chairs help ease the pressure on the spine and supports the person’s posture. It also stops straining the muscles so you can comfortably skim through your notes or create your marketing plan without hassle.

Long Term Effects

An office chair for back problems do not have to be a chair solely for the back. Purchasing a posture correcting chair also has long term effects that will affect you even after you stand up from your chair.

As reported by Upright Rose, proper posture also helps affect the individual by promoting feelings of dominance, powerfulness, and confidence.

Furthermore, having good posture also promotes proper breathing and clarity of mind. It also helps elevate the mood, memory, and promote productivity, showing how a person’s mood can be changed by something as simple as posture correction.

Better Performace at Work

As explained above, good posture promotes proper breathing and increases concentration. How? If your body is properly aligned, your lungs can expand optimally allowing more oxygen into the blood.

Oxygen is every cell’s source of energy. So, if your organs are adequately oxygenated, you’ll feel energized throughout the day. As we all know,one of the major enemies of being a desk employee is fatiguability. Keep yourself from being stressed by maintaining proper posture with a posture perfect chair.

With stress out of the way, your performance and creativity at work will exude. Therefore,a chair isn’t just an accessory if its functionality brings out the better version of yourself.

So Is It Worth It?

To be fair, the idea of posture correcting chairs seems alien to a lot of business owners and employees who have grown accustomed to purchasing the most affordable and high quality chairs. But if you’re someone who has experienced back pain for the longest time, posture support chairs is one investment you need to make.

Employers need to realize that posture support chairs are some of the best long term investments they need to do, not just for the company, but also for their employees. Subsequently, individuals should also consider it as a worthy personal investment since its benefits extend beyond the office walls.

It may be one of the most costly and uncommon investment for the office, but if it’s one that can promote company morale and better the employees’ performance, then why not give it a try?

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