Why Typical Office Chairs Are Secret Slow Killers

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Maintaining good posture while sitting for long hours at the office is hard. Unless you were born and raised with impeccable posture, slouching is a huge temptation for folks who want to get comfortable in their executive office chairs.

In the modern day office setting, working for 8 hours with short breaks in between means having to find a comfortable sitting position without interrupting productivity. And more often than not, it also means putting proper posture on the back burner.

What you’re losing?

Although posture support chairs have been invented to help employees maintain good posture at work, it’s sadly still not the norm. You rarely find it in offices, and not all employers find it a necessity. But what are you losing by not investing in posture support chairs?

Your Health

As cited by Greatist, improper posture while at work makes employees more “vulnerable to injuries such as cervical disc herniation, cervical strains and headaches”. It specifically states that looking down to a computer monitor is one of the biggest mistake that modern employees make as it has more long term negative effects than it appears to incur.

Although sitting doesn’t appear to be much of a big deal, itslong term effects include the acquisition of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Long hours of sitting has also been linked to shorter life expectancy compared to those who have shorter sitting time.

Proper Metabolism

Sitting for long hours in the same position causes the muscles to be inactive. It also further slows down the metabolism. Studies show that sitting significantly drops calorie burning to 1 per minute. According to List 25, from 1980 to 2000, obesity rate has doubled in the United States, while the number of hours required for individuals to sit also increased by 8%.

What does it mean for modern-day employees?

Stand Up or Sit Right

Standing up has been cited to be one of the most effective ways to work without compromising the back. But if standing up is not an option, finding an ergonomic chairs for back pain can also be a good choice to ensure that you keep your back supported through the long hours.

Of course, it is not to say that having a posture support chair allows you to sit for long hours straight. Exercise and having short breaks in between shift are still needed. After all, oxygen needs to properly flow around the body properly.

Try Different Exercises

When not seated in your executive office chair, move. In fact, move your entire body. The static nature of staying seated, as mentioned above, has a lot of negative effects to the body. It has to be countered by keeping the body active as much as possible.

Exercises such as Yoga and Pilates strengthens the body. It also promotes flexibility of the muscles, and ensures proper blood flow throughout the entire body. Maintaining proper diet also helps to ensure that you get the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need to shield your body from the negative effects of improper posture and long sitting hours.

Although the numbers speak negatively about posture damage in the workplace, more and more corporations are also continually realizing the positive effects of having proper chairs. Simultaneously, many posture-support chairs have also been invented to combat weak posture.

Maintaining proper posture at work is both a responsibility for the company and the individual. Investing in proper ergonomic chairs for back pain shows an effort to boost the employee morale. On the other hand, it must also be a personal effort for the individual.

Keeping healthy despite the long stressful hours in the office is also a personal responsibility. Taking care of yourself is a task that no one can do better other than you, yourself. At the end of the day, posture support chairs is just one way for technology to aid employees.

Maintaining posture also includes taking care of your back even as you lie down and stand.  It involves dedication even after you stand up from your executive office chair. At the end of the day, it boils down to how you take care of your body and the efforts you make to keep it healthy .

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