Find Fast Relief And Know How To Cope With Early Menopause Symptoms

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Every individual is different so some tips on how to battle the early menopause symptoms may be great for some but may not work for others.
The menopause occurs when when the levels of female hormones oestrogen and progesterone fall and the body ceases to produce eggs. This can have a devastating effect on some women and can cause hot flushes, a lack of energy, insomnia, sweating, weight gain and a decrease in libido.
All natural tips.
Try to avoid heat and keep cool to lower the intensity of the hot flushes. This means, try to cut down on spicy foods, hot drinks and alcohol. You should prevent anything that could raise your temperature. When the early menopause systems occur, it is very important to keep a low temperature.  
Go for a health check.
An health check ought to be carried out by all women at 50. When the menopause comes the protective oestrogen decreases and you are at risk osteoporosis, breast cancer,high blood pressure, high cholesteral and diabetes.
Take some time for yourself.
Although most women have had, or still do look after a family, when the early menopause symptoms appear, now is the time for you to take time off from all these things. Try to get some excersise by going for walks or swimming. Sit down and read a book. Just do a few things you enjoy doing and relax.
Keep control of you cravings.
Due to the fact that the ovaries are producing less oestrogen, the fat cells become the main source. The body craves for sugars to keep the oestrogen levels to peak. This increases fat cells. The best way to deal with this is to eat regularly, more often and less. Don't give the pangs a chance to kick in.
Shedding the pounds.
Overweight women are more likely to have issues with hot flushes. This makes it hard for you to motivate yourself for excersise. Just keep it moderate but do it. Swimming is an excellent way to keep yourself in trim and works wonders in all aspects.
Natural therapies.
Acupuncture is a great therapie to ease hot flushes and boost your energy levels as the early menopause symptoms occur. Hypnotherapy is great for anxiety and a cognitive behavioural therapy can be effective for learning relaxation techniques. Especially if you have problems with insomnia.
Keep up your sexual activity.
As discussed, the menopause has an effect on the libido, especially then, if you have vaginal dryness. This is caused by the fluctuation of hormones.
Talk to the partner about the situation and your feelings but don't push him away. Regular sex is good for your muscles, including the pelvic floor.
Increase the intake of omega 3 fatty acids by eating oily fish like sardines or salmon. You can also take thes in a suppliment. This can have a positive effect on the vaginal dryness.
Eat to steady the symptoms.
Pytoestrogens are present in foods such as lintels,soya and chickpeas. These have a similar effect to oestrogen on the body. Also very important are nuta and seeds to help boost the mood and energy. Of course fruit and vegatables should be eaten for general health.
Black Cohosh, Omega 3 are great for hormone balance. Red Clover for the night sweating. Good vitamins for general health and vitamin E for your skin. B vitamins are good for anxiety and depression. Magnesium and calcium protect the bones against oesteoporosis.
Decrease the sugar, processed foods and alcohol. These can exacerbate symptoms. Lower the intake of wheat and bread because this can cause bloating and weight gain.
Excersise, excersise and excersise is a must for keeping the early menopause symptoms under control. This does not mean you have to visit the gym. Go for walks or jogs in your local park. Do some push ups and press ups, go swimming, dancing, tennis, badmington etc. There are loads of activities out there that you may have forgotten after caring for everyone else around you. Now is your time. If you don't change what you are doing today, all your tomorrows will look like yesterdays.

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