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If you are trying to get pregnant this could be the most exciting and the most confusing step in your life at the same time. The first thing you need to remember is every woman ovulates at a different time so you can not follow anyone’s ovulation cycle except your own because, odd are it will not match up. During this ovulation period, when a woman’s ovaries expel an egg, the time in which you have to conceive can be as short as three to four days.

So, if you would like to get pregnant fast your ovulation schedule will be very important. Otherwise you will end up having to have sex every day of the month just to make sure you got it. I have the feeling if you were to do that you would be awfully tired. So I will explain some better options to make sure you can achieve your goal.

The first option you have which would be easier but, could end up costing a lot of money. Ovulation indicators are available at almost any store and also online. There are many out there and they range from a dollar to forty dollars. Just because something is more expensive, does not always mean better results they all use the same technology so choose by what it offers rather than anything else. If you are trying to track your ovulation then the reusable ones with extra strips would be what you would need.

There are also natural ways to detect when your ovulation period. One way is to average the days between your periods. For most women ovulation usually occurs about half way through the menstrual cycle. Also when you are ovulating your body may experience a series of cramps or some pain on one side of the body. Another way is to figure out your basal body temperature or BBT. During the first half of the menstrual cycle a woman’s temperature is usually a bit less than it will be once ovulation begins by about a half of a degree. Also, your cervix will tell all. During the beginning of your cycle your cervix will be low and closed. But, during ovulation the cervix rises, softens, and opens up just a little so it is easier for the sperm to reach the egg.

Using these tips may be able to help you learn how to get pregnant fast. Try them out if you would like to get pregnant in no time. Please remember though that if you are not healthy your schedule may be off and could cause a false reading.

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