Why I Use Real Points Coin and Why You Should Too

You’d be forgiven if you have a fussy or no idea about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but it is the newest and most sought after thing in the realm of finance right now. Perhaps you are familiar with Bitcoin, the pioneer cryptocurrency.

Why I Use Real Points Coin and Why You Should Too

You’d be forgiven if you have a fussy or no idea about cryptocurrencyand blockchain technology, but it is the newest and most sought after thing inthe realm of finance right now. Perhaps you are familiar with Bitcoin, thepioneer cryptocurrency.

Newsflash: there is a morerobust, more reliable, and more intuitive cryptocurrency on the market: RealPoints coin or what’s now called RPT coin.

After years of waiting for the perfect cryptocurrency, Real Pointsfinally got it right. Let me walk you through some of the sizzling features Ilove about this revolutionary cryptocurrency so you can get why I so excited.

You don’t need to bea Cryptocurrency Expert to Start Sending, Trading or Receiving RPT Coins

Let’s be honest; some people don’t have a clue what cryptocurrency is,let alone Real Points Coin. I personally had to spend around 100 plus hoursdoing research online to educate myself about Bitcoin back in 2010. Of course,the nitty-gritty of cryptocurrency is a bit geeky and somewhat dull. With RealPoints, however, the whole process becomes effortlessly easy.

A few weeks ago, I needed a way to accept cryptocurrency in myupcoming eCommerce business. Lucky for me, Real Points had numerous resourcesto walk me through the entire process, step by step. The whole signing upprocess took a jiffy. Besides, they have got an excellent customer service crewthat was ready to answer all my queries.

A RobustCryptocurrency Course

Again, learning all the bits about cryptocurrency and associatedfinance isn’t always a walk in the park. For that, there’s Real Academy, avibrant program that is committed to financial education which encompasses theunique approach and techniques based on cryptocurrency. The Academy itselflooks to equip the next generation of crypto-currency gurus who’ll be able topush the industry to greater heights.

Apart from studying 15 individual session by session chapters aboutcryptocurrency, you will also get exclusive access to RealPoint’s inbuilte-library that’s teeming with learning resources, tutorials, FAQs, and so muchmore. And the best part: it’s free to all RealPoint Academy members. Since it’sbased entirely online, enrolling in RealPoints Academy allows you to learnanywhere, anytime and at your own pace. Who knows – you might become RPT coinmining expert in no time!

RPT Coin is Fast,Secure and Global

Forget about your conventional credit or debit card, RealPoint Coin isthe ultimate digital currency. For one, it doesn’t discriminate at all; itdoesn’t matter if you are sending RPT coins to your buddy across the street orsomeone on the other side of the world, it all takes a couple of moments.Besides, RPT coins are locked in public keys that are protected by top-notchcryptography system. That means the owner of the public key is the only one whocan send the RPT coin. Remember all cryptocurrencies cannot be duplicated orcounterfeited. And, well, Real Points currency is the real deal – easy to send,irreversible, safe, and fraud-free.

RPT Coin Places YourPrivacy First

Well, most cryptocurrencies were designed with users’ privacy in mind.Here’s the thing: the entire RPT coin transaction history is available foranyone to see. It simply works better that way. For newbies, this might appearcontrary to adherence to your privacy. But, in reality, Real Points allows youto choose whether you want to keep your finances open or private. Of course,its protocol doesn’t require you to identify yourself to transact. This way,you can remit and do whatever you want with your RPT coin without worryingabout your privacy being breached.

Your Investment isSafe from Inflation

Much like any other solid cryptocurrency, the RealPoint coin is cappedat a specific threshold value. On the contrary, your regular euro or dollarloses value as the supply increase. RPT coin is fungible and scarce eliminatingany risk of inflation.

RPT was designed forthe dot-com generation

The cryptocurrency was generally made for the so-called dot-comgeneration, or the internet generation to be precise. So, if you are tech savvyand don’t like pulling out your credit cash anyhow or carrying paper cash, thenReal Point coin is for you. It’s designed primarily to deter hackers andransomware peddlers that have become almost synonymous with Bitcoin.

Insignificant Fees

RPT coin goes a mile further to make sure that your online shopping orsending/receiving cash is more convenient than using a credit card or papercash. How? Real Point equips you with a vibrant payment gateway that attractsincredibly low fees. Besides, the RPT transactions are instantaneous andaccessible through several e-wallets.


These are just but a few RPT coin benefits that have won me over.Recap: Real Points coins offer users freedom from concerns of identity theft,fraud and exorbitantly high fees associated with credit cards. Plus, RealAcademy is an indispensable learning resource for anyone looking to get anin-depth understanding of the world of cryptocurrency finance.