Top Web Design Trends To Follow In 2017

It’s a new year with new advancements and terminologies, with new trends and modern techniques to follow. We know it’s not a new year now, but there are some trends are so new to the market that for designers they have to be new and fresh in the new year!

Web Design Trends

It’s a new year with new advancementsand terminologies, with new trends and modern techniques to follow.We know it’s not a new year now, but there are some trends are sonew to the market that for designers they have to be new and fresh inthe new year!

Are you ready to give a refreshing lookto your website? As the new year comes, the need to go through yourwebsite becomes even more vital. Taking a hard look at your site’sdesign and even new projects is something you ought to do and thinkhow new trends and styles can be incorporated into the existing webdesign.

From typography to visuals to colorsand functionality, 2017 is going to be a year full of surprises. Manyof the trends have already shaken the industry, but some are yet toemerge. Here are top 6 web designs trends that every designer shouldknow. Let’s take a look:

  • Gradients: Amalgamation of Two Colors

Gradients have been missing from thelandscapes of web design but now, they are planning to come back withthe BANG!

In earlier days of gradients, designersused to play with subtle colors and use simple variations all overthe design. Apple’s icons were the clear, prime example of thattime but now gradients have grown to show boldness, brightness andusage of plenty of colors.

One of the technique to use gradientsis editing photos with twin color gradient overlay. No doubt, itlooks superbly amazing! Make the less-interesting-image aninteresting and intriguing one.

  • Welcome Videos with Sounds

As people aregetting used to watching videos – from movies to short clips onYouTube – on their mobile devices, web designers are beginning totake this thing one step ahead for their own benefit. Websites aremimicking a full one cinematic experience on their home page thattoo, with sound. For some people, it can be really a mesmerizingexperience. But, proceed with caution!

Not everyone is a fan of watchingvideos on the homepage of websites. So, for them, you can include atoggle switch to turn On or Off the sound. Sometimes, it can become adaunting task to do but it can do wonders if there is a right videowith crisp and clear sound.

  • Brand New Navigation Patterns

It is quite understood from designsseen in 2016 that the navigation bar does not have to be glued to topor bottom of the design. Now in 2017, designers are finallyunderstanding the real meaning of it. Popping out or hidden styles toright or left placement of navigation can make your homepage lookelegant. (only when placement is quite obvious)

Never take hasty decisions asnavigation is a crucial part of any web page. See whether placementof navigation making things easier for users or difficult to thecore. If you think so, go for the idea, but if not, rethink beforeapplying it.

Of course, these are not all trends that 2017 has offered but are thetop ones in the industry. If you work in a web design company India, then start following these new design trends as they canenhance your reputation in the company and get you good recognition.