Sydney: A Thriving Hub of Incredible Landmarks

Sydney is one of the greatest cities of the planet. The spectacular place has every ingredient for a delightful and engaging vacation. With incredible geographical presence, the capital of New South Wales is a powerhouse of fun, adventure, sites and total entertainment.

When you think about sublime and bustling mega-towns of the world, Sydney is the first urbanscape to hit the mindscreen. The magical metropolis offers loads of exciting and world-class getaways to enjoy and explore. Look at the exemplary Sydney Harbour. It alone attracts more tourists than most of the other popular tourist destinations of the globe. The year around sunshine, plenty of international shopping, range of options for fine dining in addition to extraordinary monuments and modern-art marvels has enough punch to entice all kinds of travellers. With its growing tourism stature and direct flights to Sydney from various international and local airports, there is seamless connectivity for global trekkers. If you plan in advance, there is every chance that you may get cheap flight tickets to Sydney.

Major Attractions of Sydney

Sydney Opera House: Among the top most recognised landmarks of the world, Sydney Opera House is the true hallmark of Australia. This graceful building is situated on the Sydney Harbour at Bennelong Point and creates dramatic settings for the eyes and the mind. Take a guided tour available daily from 9 am to 5 pm to discover the fascinating exteriors, interiors, about the history and intriguing behind-the-scenes stories of this famous building.

Sydney Harbour Bridge: Along with the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge is yet another most attractive and signature sites of the megacity. This massive engineering marvel was built in 1932 and plays a significant role in transportation in the city. It connects the harbour's north and south shores with railway lines and road traffic including walkways for pedestrians. Adventure enthusiasts can try a guided climb to the bridge for a breathtaking panorama of the extended surroundings.

Circular Quay: The vibrant and ever busy Circular Quay is one of the main tourist attractions of Sydney. The centre is the hub for locals and visitors and presents exciting avenues such as street performances, cafes, bustling walkways, harbour cruises and many other pulsating activities. It is also home to main ferry terminal and offers popular harbour cruises which are one of the best ways to explore the sparkling waterfront. Other key tourist spots such as Taronga Park Zoo, Manly and Watson's Bay can be reached from here easily by taking ferries.

Taronga Zoo: A ferry trip from Circular Quay will land you to a delightful and exciting animal kingdom of Sydney known as Taronga Zoo. The thrilling family retreat is a great place to get a close encounter with some of Australia's famous native wildlife and other animals from across the continent. Highlights of the zoo include Seal Show, Lemur Adventure Park, Koala Encounter and a Sky Safari gondola.

Royal Botanic Gardens: Looking for some tranquil and relaxed space during your Sydney visit? Come to the 30 hectares of themed green-escape which is located at Farm Cove. The massive urban garden is a beautiful gem and stores more than thousand varieties of flowers, rare and threatened plants and scenic wonders. There is a hop-on, hop-off train tour available for visitors who want to explore the garden in a convenient way.

Sydney is blessed with a range of Australia’s most iconic attractions. The thriving city is melting pot of art, culture, history, architecture and ultra-modern facilities. No wonder, people from all parts of the globe travel to the city for an ideal vacation experience.

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