The 10 worst paying jobs in United States

The American edition of Forbes has published a list of professions, applicants for which are too difficult to find in the US, because they are either specific or too narrow a range of educational institutions are training them.

1. Jooble


In order to compile this list, the publication's experts analyzed the existing and planned lists of professions from 2006 to 2016, evaluated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Prosthetist. Average annual salary: $ 169,360. Prosthetist make dentures, crowns, bridges and are very in demand. What is the problem? Too few institutions provide the education necessary for this profession. Jooble  is happy to share with you

Inspectors of forest fires and specialists in their prevention. Average annLink textual salary: $ 35,770. These professionals enforce fire safety rules and inspect the forest to prevent fires. They also inform about fires and weather conditions.

Geographers. Average annual salary: $ 66,440. Some representatives of this profession create maps on the computer, while others focus on science, researching useful resources such as water and oil. Some professional geographers argue that the Bureau of Labor Statistics uses too poor a classification for an area that has so many opportunities. 

Radio operators. Average annual salary: $ 40,650. They often work in the Navy or Coast Guard, on commercial vessels.

Hunters and catchers. There are no data on wages. It can be said that it sounds paradoxical, but these people often work in defense of animals. For example, many airports hire so-called natural resource conservationists to prevent birds from flying in the airways. They also lure raccoons into traps and help protect the sheep from American wolves.

Liquidators of marriage in tissues. Average salary: $ 28,580. These tailors eliminate tears, holes, other defects in tissues, such as draperies, canvases, parachutes, tents.

Psychologists in the industrial organization. Average salary: $ 86,610. These specialists conduct selection of workers, their training. They also work in management to reorganize, work to improve the productivity of workers.

Astronomers. Average salary: $ 98,200. Astronomers observe, explore, interpret celestial and astronomical phenomena in order to increase elementary knowledge and apply such information to human problems.

The watch repairers. The average salary is $ 36,200. They are people who repair, clean, regulate the mechanisms of watches. This is a fading sphere of activity, thanks to the creation of new watches, which rarely break down.

Masters on wooden models. The average salary is $ 35,470. This profession is outdated, as manufacturers now use computers to design, and machines to manufacture plastic products. Many companies hire such masters to design everything - from shoes and televisions to office furniture.