All About The Variants Of Traditional Sarees

When it comes to change, traditional sarees can be divided into different categories. Let's take a closer look.

We know that sarees in India,being born since ancient times. Despite the impact of modernization, and the trend of various clothing, saree has been able to in every women's wardrobe to maintain a special status. This 6 - yard dress is a favorite of women, not only because they can be worn to any place, but also because there are so many changes that you will never bored to wear a saree.

When it comes to change, traditional sarees can be divided into different categories. Let's take a closer look.

Based on Indian states

Sarees in India are worn by the woman in every country, although the style is different, the culture and the traditional way are different. From Tamil Nadu to Kashmir, Rajasthan to Assam,women in all state enjoy wearing saree on a different occasion. Some of themost popular Indian languages of a different state are banarasi sarees, kanjivaram sarees, konrad sarees, kota sarees, bengali sarees and so on.

According to the occasion

During the year, we celebrate different fair and festivals and become part of various activities and occasions. Therefore, in order to meet the spirit of different occasions,everyone has a different feeling. Some of the most popular are Indian wedding sarees for bride, the evening of the bollywood saree, the pre - wedding celebration, the birthday and another special occasion, home or office daily wear casual wear and so on.

Based on the fabric

Depending on the fabrics the traditional Indian sarees can be divided into various types. This includes silk saree, chiffon saree, georgette saree, velvet saree, net saree, crepe saree, viscose saree, cotton saree,brocade saree, etc. With so many different types of sarees based on fabric, it has got easier for women to differentiate and choose the best as per their personality, and the occasion they would wear it to.

Based on the printing and embroidery

Fashion expansion has recently led to a huge print, so these countless prints saree has seized the market.Ordinary prints are polka dots, flower prints, abstract prints, geometric prints, flower prints, checks and more. These sarees are also equipped with different types of Indian embroideries, such as remam, kangta, mirror, zari, zardo west, wagon, cut dana, and masonry. All these designs and prints make sarees unique and appealing.

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