Animal Rights

In this article I argue about how people shouldn't use animals to test on cosmetics.

Animal Rights

Medical animal testing is a good way for humans and animals to benefit each other by curing diseases that we’ve never been able to cure. That is why there hasn’t been many problems with testing on animals for medical research but, what if animals weren’t used for other research such as testing cosmetics?

What caused me to be concerned about this was when my teacher told us to watch a video called “Lush Fighting Animal Testing: Live Demonstration at Regents Street”. The video was demonstrating how humans would be treated if they were animals being tested on by random cosmetics companies in public. They would violently pull the victim that is getting tested. The victim's skin starting to be pale. With unsafe cream being put on the victim. The screaming wouldn’t stop only after when the victim died, fell silence. Soon after they would be abandoned and trashed. Leaving the rotting smell in the air. This video was really touching and made me want take a stand on how it should be illegal to test on animals like that.

I totally support the fact that scientists use animals for medical research because, as I said before, they don’t just benefit humans but also animals. Medical animal testing mainly uses rats and mice because they are convenient to use. It is convenient since they can adapt to the environment quickly and mice are identical to humans in some body parts and react the same way to medications. Since many of their body parts are similar, most diseases can be tested on animals, like cancer, alzheimer's, diabetes, and so on(Nap).

Animals also benefit from being tested and with the same method that humans have used to cure diseases. According to National Academy Press, “Animal research has also been integral to the preservation of many endangered species. The ability to eliminate parasitism, treat illnesses, use anesthetic devices, and promote breeding has improved the health and survival of many species.”(Nap) Clearly many animals have benefited from animal testing.

On the other hand using animals for cosmetics testing is immoral because it doesn’t benefit anything. It is just cruel testing on animals. Cosmetics are to make people look better and that is not needed  since it doesn’t benefit humans health nor animals health.

Some people disagree with testing animals to improve humans and animals health. The reason is because now people have different ways to cure humans health such as by using computer programs or tissue grown in labs. According to PETA, scientists can now use blood tests instead of rabbits to test many new medications(PETA). However, even if scientists are able to use computer models, they still need real animals to base those programs on. It isn’t accurate just testing on computer programs or tissue grown in labs because it doesn’t show the effects on other systems of the body. When animals are tested on scientist can see the reaction as a whole.