How To Create An Explainer Video To Delight The Audience

Video explainers can be effective tools to generate interest among visitors regarding your products and services. If developed properly, these videos have the ability to improve your business’s online conversion rate within the shortest time range.

Understanding video explainers

What comes to mind when you hear about video explainers? They are basically marketing tools to promote a brand using the virtual medium of internet. Yes, they do comprise of fun and fancy graphic elements, animations, and whiteboard visuals. The most effective explainer videos would integrate the right amounts of graphics and scripting to highlight or explain about a brand, product, or services. However, it would be short and crisp. There is no room for additive elements and bigger scripts. 

To develop a perfect explainer video, you need to focus on 3 essential elements to build on your visitors’ interest level. Let’s have a look:

Keeping it short

Explainer videos must have a shorter duration, in the time range of 20 – 40 seconds. You cannot expect your visitors to concentrate on your video for a longer duration. You cannot play with the patience of your visitors. Therefore, keeping the video short would help definitely. Also, irrespective of some superior graphics, the content must be informative and interesting. Will this approach help you in retaining the clients? Keep it simple, short, and informative. The video explainer would be perfectly apt to cater among bigger audience list. 

Never try to include too much of elements

Never try to highlight everything you can think about in the explainer. Including too many elements would spoil the show. Rather, try to be specific and include only the points that matter most. Consider explainer videos to be an imaginary of what you actually is offering. It would only provide a slight yet meaningful highlight of your services. The video must be created to spread awareness about your business and products. Including too much of elements may just ruin the entire scenario.  

Have a direct approach

Being totally efficient is what matters. The video explainer must follow an efficient approach from the core. What you need to do is drilling down all the necessary points and showcase them through the use of simple yet attractive graphical elements to develop interest among the audience. Therefore, you need to structure the video perfectly to keep moving the things as per expectation. 

Here are the approach steps to follow:

Setting the stage perfectly 

You must be brief in your approach to explain about the services and products and the reasons behind your existence 

Explaining your business  

You need to explain what exactly you do. How would you be able to fill the needs? Be clear in the explanation part but in the shortest way possible. 

Explain your working procedure

How would you work and make things happen for the clients? What are the unique points that differentiate your company from the other competitors available? You must provide a brief yet important insight regarding your work approach.  Also, try to give the presentation a more interesting look.  

Include a Call To Action Button for exiting the show 

This is extremely important. The Call To Action button would be necessary to make the visitors approach you easily the next time. It can be used to request a demo, for query resolving purpose, or contacting you directly.  


Creating the perfect script for video explainers is necessary. The above steps can make your job a lot simpler and easier. Try them and bring out your creative genius character to make a strong impression on the audience.

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