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IPL2017 cricket betting tips  here

Iplteam , M.S Dhoni’s in Pune supergiant side just registered as player not ascaptain of the season, as they defeated the dangerous looking Delhi Daredevilsby seven wickets. They batted second, where they needed 163 runs to win. Opnerbastman  Rahane and Usman  Khawaja did a well-mannered job with the bat,as they took the team to a seven wicket victory.

However,this win still came a bit too late, as they are the 6th placed side in theleague with six points. As for Bangalore, they are just beneath Pune, with twomatches in hand. Considering the two teams on paper, Royal ChallengersBangalore have absolutely got a better-quality looking squad, with V.Kohli and Gayleplaying in good form

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Free Ipl Betting Tips

Free Ipl Betting Tips

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