Satiate Your Wanderlust by Becoming a TEFL Educator

This article is about the benefits of travelling and how a TEFL career would boost this passion in both the travel aspirants and enthusiasts alike.

For many people out there, life is fuelled with the passion of travelling and discovering the numerous different places, meeting new people, tasting the exotic local food of the places and gathering new experiences. Travelling not only broadens one’s horizons and enhances his interpersonal communication skills, but also boosts his confidence skills and opens new avenues and opportunities in life. And when the travelling bug bites someone, then it becomes next to impossible to ignore and come out of it.

Travelling to different places makes one look at life with a different perspective, where they realise that “the journey, not the destination matters” (T. S. Eliot). They get a new sense of belongingness and also realise that all human beings are similar to each other with different culture, religion, backgrounds and taste in food. Hence it can be inferred from here that travelling proves to be beneficial for both ‘the young and the old’. If one is disillusioned with life and is trying to find their purpose in life, then travelling would definitely be of great help. On the other hand, for the adult professionals who have a good job and life and yet finds that zest and enthusiasm missing and thinks that they are losing out on life, may also consider travelling to regain their lost vigour from their regular life.

Along with adventure and new discoveries, traveling provides another great benefit – it bestows one with the occasion to relax and de-stress, away from the everyday strenuous humdrum life. However, if traveling is accompanied with the opportunity to earn where the funding of traveling can also be taken care of, then what can be better than that?

TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (also known as TESOL which is Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages) absolutely fits the above requirement. A career in TEFL will provide one with the opportunity to earn while traveling to the different places of the world. Also since the courses are offered in the online mode of learning, there are a whole lot of advantages to it. The candidates mostly comprising of students and working professionals, who are busy with their present life commitments and would not have the time and energy to spend on in-class programs, will find it easier to pursue the course without much of a hassle. The online mode of learning will provide the candidates with the advantage of pursuing the course in their own suitable time as well as from their convenient place, with no requirement of traveling to any particular class to pursue the course. This saves a lot of precious time as well proves to be cost effective for the candidates.

For the aspirants who are not very serious about taking up ESL/EFL teaching as a career, and are only looking for a way to earn as they travel, may consider pursuing a Diploma TEFL program. After successful completion of the course program the candidates may expect to lead a life traveling while getting the opportunity of teaching in the corners of the world. However, if they find their TEFL career interesting and fulfilling, they always have the opportunity to upgrade themselves by enrolling for a P G Diploma program, in due course of time.

The course curriculum comprises of language acquisition and skills, modern and innovative ESL/EFL teaching approaches and methodologies, grammar, lesson planning, classroom management, handling various learners consisting of adults and young learners. A TEFL course will acquaint the candidates to become skilled with the new and innovative teaching methodologies which are needed to become a successful ESL teacher and be employed in appropriate educational institutions in the place.

Certified ESL teachers are in great demand all across the world, especially in non-English speaking nations which comprise of Asian countries like China, Korea, India, Middle-East countries, Latin American countries along with the European nations. Since English is a highly sought after language that everyone is trying to learn and master, hence getting a job as an ESL teacher will never be a concern for all the successful aspirants. As discussed earlier, the ESL teaching jobs can very well sustain lives in a foreign land and also provides ample opportunities to lead a comfortable lifestyle there.
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