The way to Restore Windows 7

Restore Windows 7 or all windows is a technique to get back old Windows without New Installation Windows and also with all old installed Software and other futures.

How to Restore Windows 7

1. Using System Restore

2. Restoring the Registry

3. Repair Windows 7 Installation 

4. Restore System Files

*Using System Restore

The machine Restore is a program which is already set up in Windows 7 which let us you

pick a restore point (we. e. an exact period) where you need to recover your computer.

The actual steps are as below:

1. Click on Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore. 

2. Click Next to continue. 

3. Select a system restore point. [Note: There must be an active system restore point available. 

   If it is not, you cannot proceed next.] 

4. Click Restore Computer button and follow the wizard.

*Restoring the Registry

This formula is only valid when you have created a back-up of your own overall / partial registry.

The Registry Editor allows the user to back-up and restore the registry through it's menu directions.

Here are the steps to restore Windows 7 registry to a previous backup:

1. Click Start. 

2. Type RegEdit in the Search box. 

3. Press ENTER to load Registry Editor. 

4. Click File | Import. 

5. Select a saved Registration File (.reg). [.reg file is the backup file of your registry which you may have previously created.] 

6. Click Open button to continue. 

7. Wait till the registry restore process is completed. This may take some time depending 

   on the number of registry entries selected to restore. 

8. Close Registry Editor when done.

*Repair Windows 7 Installation

The Windows set up can be fixed in order to recover Windows 7.

This option is only accessible by the Windows 7 Set up and thus you must have

the boot-able set up media in order to continue next.

1. Insert Windows 7 installation disc. 

2. Reboot the system. 

3. Press F2 or Delete and change the boot sequence as specified below: 

a. First Boot Device: DVD ROM 

b. Second Boot Device: Hard Disk 

4. Save your settings and exit. The system will automatically restart. 

5. When prompted, press any key, for example, ENTER to continue with the inserted disc. 

6. After the setup is successfully loaded, click Repair my computer option 

   to start repairing Windows 7 installation and restore it to defaults.

*Restore System Files

Data corruption in the system files can involve us to restore all of them returning to their

basic states. To revive Windows 7 program files, go along with these steps:

1. Insert Windows 7 installation disc. 

2. Click Start | Run. 

3. Type SFC /ScanNow and press ENTER. 

4. Follow the instructions on your screen.

*Highly Recommended

The above suggestions help you to restore Home windows 7.

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Restore Windows 7

Restore Windows 7